Customer Reviews — Sebo Automatic X7 Pet ePower 91540GB Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Customer Reviews — Sebo Automatic X7 Pet ePower 91540GB Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Sebo Automatic X7 Pet ePower 91540GB Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Bagged cleaning for mess-free emptying
  • 5.3 litre dust capacity
  • Turbo Tool removes embedded dirt and pet hair
  • S-Class filter captures more dust and dirt
  • Gives great results on both hard floors and carpets
4.9 / 5

Best Cleaner I’ve ever owned

Bought this as already had several Dyson cleaners including most recent.Also owned a G-Tech Niether were any good if you have pet hair in fact I would say they were useless! This was recommended by a friend & is excellent. I was unsure at first because it is heavy but you barely need to push it —- it glides. Am delighted with it

Outstanding Vacuum Cleaner

I have owened a corded Bagless cleaner and have currently been using a cordless upright bagless cleaner for a few years. I tried many different vaccum cleaners as a friend collects them! but the Sebo Pet is outstanding and was just my clear favourite. I never realised how low the power is from a cordless cleaner, until I went back to using a coreded type. This is a quality German make and it really shows against some of the other cheaper vacuums I tested, the following are my most important points:- 1. Great suction, the new type micro fibre bags allow plenty of air circulation, so no loss of suction and there is no mess or dust cloud when it comes to empty, just put the clip the cap into the opening of the bag and put in the bin, no mess or clouds of dust! The micro fibre bags mean the bag compartment also stays really clean. 2. All filters very easy to access and replace. 3. This model comes with the extension hose and turbo brush which is a must for removing dog hairs from the stairs. 4. Automatic height adjustment, works very well to suit the depth of carpet pile or lower for hard floors. For heavy traffic areas this model also has the Boost button which allows the head to sit even lower overidding the automatic height adjustment so the brush bar can really get out deep down dirt. 5. If you have family members with long hair or pets, then you need to be able to remove the brush bar to clean the tangle of hair that gets wrapped around it. This is so simple to remove, press the release button on the top and the side cover pops off, then just slide the brush bar out, very easy to remove and clean. Not too loud or heavy and built to last. If there is one slight down side, which hasn't yet effected me, is not being able to turn the brush bar off when vacuuming hard floors or using the hose. When you put the handle to the top position the height adjustment automatically lifts to the heighest position so it hasn't caused me any problems. Like wise for hard floors, not had an issue with the brush bar running either. A quality piece of kit that just works as it should and gives excellent results.

Easy to manoeuv...

Easy to manoeuvre good suction

Sebo Power!

for a change its a product that matches expectations. Our carpets have that old bounce to them.
Glevum review

Hoses a bit awkward

Seems to be a good vacuum but the hose doesn't lock into the wand very securely
Kisdon Hill

New hoover

1st time I've had a sebo product but the quality is very good and our carpets look like new. Love the way it automatically adjusted the height to the floor surface, no bad points as yet

Going back to corded but worth it!

So, I’ve been swayed by the cordless vacuums for awhile but they never last for more than 2yrs, are a mess to empty and always lose suction. I decided to go back to a bagged, plugin option and do not regret it! My Sebo pet arrived the next day, was easy to put together and instantly brought my carpets back up to looking like new! Even though I had vacuumed earlier I was surprised by amount in the bag after first go which showed how bad my old cordless was getting. Very light to move around, it does a great job on my carpet as well as on the flag stone kitchen floor and the cable is long enough to do lounge, back room and kitchen without unplugging. Love it and will always recommend Sebo vacuums from now on!
Helen Sage

Vacuum cleaner

Read all about this product before buying and not disappointed at all brilliant with copping with my trhree dogs hair
Tony now a contented pet owner