Customer Reviews — Sebo Automatic X7 Pet ePower 91540GB Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Customer Reviews — Sebo Automatic X7 Pet ePower 91540GB Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Sebo Automatic X7 Pet ePower 91540GB Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Bagged cleaning for mess-free emptying
  • 5.3 litre dust capacity
  • Turbo Tool removes embedded dirt and pet hair
  • S-Class filter captures more dust and dirt
  • Gives great results on both hard floors and carpets
4.9 / 5

Expensive but worth it.

Not the first Sebo we've owned, the last one still running after fifteen years of hard work. The machines are very well built and easy to use with excellent spares back up. Not that you need many, it all comes apart easily for cleaning. The X5 we own has required only consumables and a new lead after I ran over it and the powerful brush chewed it up. The X7 is just as efficient as the X5 despite the lower power and picks up almost anything very easily. The auto adjustment works well and it feels as though the vacuum pulls itself along. Dust filtration is excellent. It is heavy, though. If you need a lighter vacuum choose the Dart or the Felix, not the X series.
Robin Rawle

All you would expect and more from a Sebo

This is my second Sebo in 20years. Good value for a powerful vacuum cleaner. I was pleased that I could get the vacuum horizontal under my coffee table and that it has a light. This is a new addition to my original one. All of the attachments are very accessible. The lead is long enough to be plugged in my kitchen and I can access the whole of my detached house. Cant recommend this enough
Mrs J Derek Singleton

Excellent bagged upriight vac

It's difficult getting bagged uprights these days, but we have found bagless ones can be messy to empty. This vac is great. It has a paper bag which can be sealed before disposal. It is very well designed and made. It is as powerful as is allowed and not too heavy or noisy. It is easy to push and effective. If you are getting an X7, go for this black pet model if you can afford it, since it includes a turbo brush attachment which is quite expensive if bought separately, and it has a boost function for deeper carpet cleaning. (The white model doesn't have a stair hose, which this one and the blue one do have.)

Sebo, amazing!

Have had a sebo for 16 years. The other is broken but thought it was time to get a new one and use the other one for the car etc. This is a brilliant product and great if you have pets. No issues at all, the best brand in my opinion. Would definitely recommend
Pamela Halkyard

Fantastic Hoover

Having previously brought a Dyson which i didnt like I brought another Sebo. No regrets. Brings carpets up like new. Very long lead. Hqndy light on front. No dirty bagless stuff to clean out. My dyson was always clogging up.

Outstanding service

Outstanding service: we had to drop you a line to say how happy we have been with the service that we have received from your company, from initial telephone enquiry where you were happy to price match an online price there and then over the phone, right through to when we could not be home for the arranged next day delivery and you rearranged it to come for the very next day instead. All of this with absolutely zero fuss and a cheery helpful disposition throughout. We are very happy with our vacuum cleaner and look forward to dealing with you all again. Kindest regards, Mary and David Conway
David Conway

Awesome against pet hair

we were recommended this model by a friend as being fantastic against pet hair ( we have two big dogs) and it is. The first time we used it on the carpet we could see a complete change of colour. Powerful suction and strong brushes. expensive but worth it for us

Outstanding Machine

Purchased a couple of weeks ago, excellent vacuum cleaner. Outstanding cleaning power. Best cleaner I have used. Love the light on the front of the machine for dark corners and under furniture. Over all great piece of German workmanship. Had an issue with warranty, stated 5 years but if you live in Northern Ireland it’s on 2 years with the think is total unfair. It has since been resolved by Sebo. I have to say the customer service at AO was outstanding and staff very friendly. I would highly recommend this vacuum cleaner. 5*****.