Customer Reviews — Sebo Automatic X7 Pet ePower 91540GB Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Customer Reviews — Sebo Automatic X7 Pet ePower 91540GB Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Sebo Automatic X7 Pet ePower 91540GB Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Bagged cleaning for mess-free emptying
  • 5.3 litre dust capacity
  • Turbo Tool removes embedded dirt and pet hair
  • S-Class filter captures more dust and dirt
  • Gives great results on both hard floors and carpets
4.9 / 5

Debo rules

I had to replace my 20+ year old Sebo and went for the latest model. Picks up beautifully and the extra attachment on the pet version is great for the stairs and makes it a lot easier to clean. Love Debo such good value in the long run.

Well built, solid machine

Having burnt through three Dysons in the last 10 years I thought it was about time to look at other brands and I'm pleased that I did. The Sebo might have an old fashioned style to it but it's a solidly built machine that does its job very well. It is also much less fiddly to use and maintain than the Dyson machines were. The Sebo has a really long cable, its hose is easy to take out and put away, the brush is easy to pull out if anything gets stuck in it and the filters are easy to access and change. Dust capacity is high too, so no more emptying the machine two or three times when doing the whole house. The light on its front is a nice touch too. Overall I'm very pleased and I would buy again.
Ben W

Quality Vacuum

We had Sebo vacuums at work many years ago and they lasted forever with no problems and we're well made. I'm pleased to see that nothing has changed and am delighted to have bought a quality machine that works well. The suction is great, it was easy to put together, you just pull out the extension wand and use it without having to fit loads of pipes together and it's all automatic - no settings to change. I'm well pleased with my purchase and there's nothing I don't like.
P Shread

Debo Hoover appraisal

Carrier excellent. Missed part but all ok now. Hoover works amazing fly well .Looking forward to many hoovering days. Hoover husband.
Hoover husband or I know my place!!

Great vacuum

My old Sebo finally gave up after 10 glorious years, so I immediately replaced it with another one! Fantastic suction, easy to use, practical attached tools and even better for having a front light to show up my household dust! (The dog is scared of this bit, so at least she now moves out of the way when I'm vacuuming!!) Expensive, but these vacuums stand the test of time.
No 1 Sebo fan!


Well built and sturdy vacuum. Great suction and I like the automatic lifting and lowering of brushes when changing from carpet to hard floor. The machine was well packaged and easy to assemble.

No other vacuum gets close

This was a replacement cleaner for our previous Sebo X4 model that we finally killed after years of reliable service. These machines not only do a great job they last and last, and are easy to maintain. With 2 x Golden Retrievers it will be in constant use. The X7 has much the same feel as the X4 and we anticipate it will prove to be just as efficient and reliable.
Big Dave

Great Vacuum Cleaner

I studied many reviews on vacuum cleaners. The reason why I bought this Sebo is because the quality is fantastic. I also wanted a bagged cleaner as it’s less messy to change, the bags are fantastic quality and no dirt can escape. The cleaner is quite heavy, but to use it to vacuum the carpets is very light. I do like the headlight which light up the carpet . The cleaner came with an extra long hose which is ideal for when you want to clean the stairs. I would recommend this vacuum cleaner to anyone