Customer Reviews — Philips Hue Bridge - Smart Home Hub

Customer Reviews — Philips Hue Bridge - Smart Home Hub

Philips Hue Bridge - Smart Home Hub
  • Smart hub - control your smart products remotely
  • Use the app to control all your devices on-the-go
  • Works with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit
  • Pair up to 50 smart bulbs - control your whole home
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty for peace of mind
4.8 / 5

Fast and easy set up

Very easy to use straight out the box, straight forward to connect to your Philips smart lighting or TV.


I bought this to add some colour to my bedroom and it honestly changed from completely with the different colours. Definitely worth the purchase

Smart hub

Exerlent easy set upwith app works works well with all Philips lights.

upgraded from v1

I purchase this smart home hub as I was told by Philips I needed to upgrade if I still wanted to be able to control the lights with my voice through google home. the set up was quite challenging. The light bulbs were not recognised by the new hub and I needed to install all of them manually after typing in the serial number of each, one by one. when that was completed, I had to re-link the hub to the google home. Once again, not very straightforward as I had to unlink the Google home account from the philips hue account, then log into the Philips Hue account and delete all previous bridges and only then finally relinking the new bridge to the philips hue account and then to the google home. No word of any of the above on any official set up guide by philips, it was all through people's contributions on online forum.

No issues at all

Bought some LED lights from a different retailer and was upset to find I needed a Hue Bridge - I hesitantly bought it, now it’s here - it’s very easy to set up and I have had no issues with this product at all; it does what it says on the tin - if you’ve got Phillips Hue lights - get the bridge, you’ll need it, and it does the job exactly like it’s meant to.

Easy as pie to setup

This was super easy to setup. Literally just plug and play. Good value for money too
Jahangir Hussain

Nice bit of Kit

New to the Philips hue family but loving it so far. Bridge has plenty capacity for all my future lights. Easy to set up and works well.
Nahum Madrid

The Future Is Now!

This was extremely easy and quick to set up - It needs to be plugged into one of the spare network ports on the back of your WiFi router, and its small enough to be kept hidden once set up. Everything is then managed through a phone app, which works brilliantly. Love it!