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    Customer Reviews — MSI Full HD 27" 165Hz Curved Gaming Monitor - Black

    Customer Reviews — MSI Full HD 27" 165Hz Curved Gaming Monitor - Black

    MSI Optix MAG272C Full HD 27" 165Hz Curved Gaming Monitor with AMD FreeSync - Black
    • Full HD with LED - sharper images and colours than HD
    • Rapid 1 millisecond response time for smooth visuals
    • HDMI & DisplayPort sockets to connect external devices
    • Super-quick refresh rate of 165Hz
    • Clever technology minimises image stuttering
    4.9 / 5

    Impressive Computer Screen.

    Excellent product, as described. The computer monitor looks great and seems robust. I like the matt finish to the screen, my last one was gloss and produced a lot of reflection issues. It has a gentle curve and has a little adjustability although not lots. The styling at the back is nice too although pointless for me. It also has a small pull-out headset hanger on the left side which I do find rather useful. I’m not particularly a gamer but this screen boasts 165hz refresh rate and 1ms which is very impressive!!


    A great monitor at a great price point!

    Wonderful monitor

    Excellent item fantastic quality my son loves it and thinks it’s amazing for playing games on great picture and sound quality


    Really good monitor, awesome size and the refresh rate gives a super clear picture, well worth the the buy!

    Great monitor

    Very good value for money. Fast delivery.

    Very good

    Very nice monitor

    165 Mhz Gaming.... if only a little better

    The MSI Optix 27" is an absolutely beautifully designed monitor. It's the first curved monitor I have ever used and after almost 2 weeks (i am now writing this review) I have to admit I actually enjoy using this. However there are a few bad points, the presets that are available are ugly. The options via hardware or software are a myriad of menus and take some getting used to. The 2 included USB ports are a pain (unless you use a dock or something similar) The angle options are unfortunately almost nonexistent. On one hand, it is aesthetically pleasing the gentle curve a pleasure to see especially when you think HOW can it be curved in such a small frame. The stand is strong (though I will be wall mounting at a later date if possible *see below* ) There is a control nub for menu access which is at first annoying until you know your way into the menu you want. There is a separate power button on the right and input selector on the left. The packing was amazing - the styrofoam inner container was solid and was well wedged so it could not move in transit. As a curved monitor, a standard VESA mount (directly to the back) is not possible though they do include standoffs to allow you to mount it yourself - you still need a 3rd party wedge of some description to level it up so it's not pulling on any one point. According to my research, MSI used to do a version for this unit at one point and it would be nice if AO recommended a version that worked instead of leaving it to the customer to fumble. I love the included retractable headphone stand and audio routing for late-night gaming sessions. At 27-inch with a decent 165 Hz refresh rate, it is admittedly on the low end for a modern gaming monitor, although the high frame rate is a nice touch if you prefer performance in games it varied heavily depending on which presets I used and which games I played, probably over time I will have my own presets for the games I play.

    Best purchase this year

    My whole life I've been using a 60Hz monitor. For: Gaming, video editing, video VFX, programming... But when my friend shared a link to this monitor I've realized that at that price, such specs are a STEAL! When the monitor arrived, I was excited to try it out, to see if it will actually be such a big jump as people talk (Moving from 60Hz to 165Hz). And well... It's like day and night, a buttery smooth experience, especially for gaming, it sort of eliminates micro stuttering, screen tearing, and overall feeling of choppiness compared to when playing on 60Hz panel. Also, if you're using more than one MSI product, like motherboard, cooler, etc, they have an app that controls everything, called: MSI Dragon center. With its current version (Current date: 2020.09.24) on my computer, it does something that starts to lag my mouse input. But that goes away once you exit the app (Closing in the taskbar/system tray). Just a heads up if anyone encounters that problem. Overall, if you're looking for an upgrade for your old monitor and you want to use it mainly for gaming, this monitor is perfect for that. Although I would recommend having a bit wider table for that (Mine is ~50CM from chair to the wall and it's a bit tricky to have this monitor on such a table, thanks to its stand/feet sticking out to the front)
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