Customer Reviews — Whirlpool Built Under Electric Double Oven With Feet - Stainless Steel - A/A Rated

Customer Reviews — Whirlpool Built Under Electric Double Oven With Feet - Stainless Steel - A/A Rated

Whirlpool AKL307IX Built Under Electric Double Oven With Feet - Stainless Steel - A/A Rated
  • Main oven gives you lots of different ways to cook
  • Second electric oven with handy grill setting
  • Set the oven to turn off when your food is ready
  • Special liners absorb grease to make cleaning easier
  • Dimensions (cm) H87 x W59.5 x D57.5 – Learn more
4.4 / 5

Ok. Kind of does the job but temps aren't accurate.

We have used the oven for about 2 weeks and have cooked some of our usual foods. The manual says to reduce the temps in the fan oven by 25’C due to being a fan. This is rubbish. We’ve have to use the non-fan oven temps on the packet as a guide to make the timings work. This was proved by cooking some cookies (something we have done a dozen times). In our old Neff oven - 10 mins at 160’C. In this oven - 10 mins @ 180’C or 13 mins at 160’C. Other reviewers have had similar experiences. Positives - The oven looks good and clean. Fan is quiet. Feet are useful during install, although a bit of a pain to adjust, but its only once. An adjustment tool would have been useful like you get with a washing machine. Supplied with 3 trays (1 deep one with an inner rack), 3 steel racks and a grill pan with inner rack. The lower oven is a more useful size than our previous built under oven. It’s the main reason we bought it to be honest. Negatives – The seal doesn’t seal on the bottom of both doors. The mid-layer of glass rattles when you close the doors. Clock steams up on the inside of the glass during cooking. The dials are a bit plasticy and stick slightly when pushing in and out, (A tiny bit of WD40 sorted that). The manual says to remove the catalytic panels to re-position the telescopic runners, this is absolute rubbish and pointless. The guides/rails can be unclipped by pushing backwards easing them free at the front. Alternatively the guides can be left in place and the telescopic runners can be twisted/rotated from the bottom upwards to disengage them from the guides. You can’t use the 2nd set of telescopic runners in the top oven with the tray. The tray is too thick to fit in the guide with the runners. I don’t know why the oven was supplied with telescopic runners in the top oven, the assembly doesn’t work. The manual says there should be is a slightly longer rack for the top oven @ 337mm long. This wasn’t supplied. I just got 3 standard length racks @ 301mm long. To be honest it is sort of what I was expecting. It isn’t a very expensive oven and the quality matches the price.

New double oven.

Fab oven .. it's so quiet and gets upto temp quickly. My last oven was on it's last legs. I can't wait to see my energy bills drop. Ordered on Sunday morning, here for lunchtime Monday. Great service and the guys brought it into the kitchen. 5 stars.
Northern Paul.

Excellent buy

Firstly, this oven is very quiet. It cooks evenly, although I have the temperature slightly higher in the main fan oven. There are numerous shelves and trays. I’ve noticed that the clock has some condensation when in use, although I’m not too concerned about this as you can still see the digits. Overall, it is a great buy and I’d consider it excellent value for money. Chosen mainly because it is built under with legs.

Double oven

Brought this as a replacement for my old oven it has lived up to my Expectations have the adjustable feet is a bonus, with the push in controls making it sleek and smart
Phil Taylor

Solid Performer

This oven fits the bill if you want a slightly larger main oven and not so large grill section. The adjustable legs make it simple to fit into a kitchen with a non standard height. Also the split half grill function saves wasting electricity just heating a wire rack when only grilling a small quantity. Plenty of shelves and trays, too many for my modest cooking requirements, plus you get a handle for the grill which seems an optional extra to many other models.
Jim N

Decent oven

It's a good oven, fair size and does what you. Feet on it are useful too and the dials are easy enough to use.

Whirlpool Double Oven

It’s a good looking oven, the recessed knobs are an especially neat feature. It’s quiet and quick to reach the required heat setting. Its very well equipped with many shelves. I am very pleased with my purchase.
Karen Reading

Really pleased

I'm impressed with this oven although I've only been using it for a week so can't comment on its long-term performance. It has plenty of shelves and trays which is great. I wanted a double oven that was on feet (standalone) and didn't have a hob on it so this was ideal as I struggled to find this type in a few other places. I did find that the telescopic runners were in both the top and bottom when it arrived and they're both supposed to be in the bottom so I did move it all around a bit. (The instructions here say to unscrew the entire side panel to relocate/remove the runners but you don't need to do this, they just unclip - gently pull them off by levering from the bottom and pulling upwards. I only found this out after removing one side). I would have given it 5 stars but the only downside is that the notches on the oven temperature knob are not very clear so it's a little difficult to ensure you're on the exact temperature that you should be. Other than that, the oven looks great, it's nice and big, the grill is super efficient and the oven trays, pans and shelves give you plenty of options to move things around.
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