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    Customer Reviews — Hoover AXI 10Kg / 6Kg Washer Dryer - Graphite - A Rated

    Customer Reviews — Hoover AXI 10Kg / 6Kg Washer Dryer - Graphite - A Rated

    Hoover AXI AWDPD6106LHR Wifi Connected 10Kg / 6Kg Washer Dryer with 1600 rpm - Graphite - A Rated
    • 10kg drum capacity - great for large households
    • Rated A for energy efficiency
    • Hygiene+ and 90 degree cycles help kill germs
    • Automatically dispenses the ideal amount of detergent
    • Dimensions (cm) - H85 x W60 x D54
    4.2 / 5

    Faulty after 5 months - Hoover customer services have been appalling

    Had the machine for less than 5 months and it cut out during a cycle and won't switch back on. Hoovers engineer doesn't know whats wrong with it and has been attempting to replace a variety of parts in the hope that one of these fixes the issue. Hoover haven't been very helpful, had to argue with them to get a replacement - which they refused - really disappointed I expected much more from such an established brand. AO, however, have been brilliant, excellent customer service, agreed to replace - won't be buying Hoover again.

    Easy to use

    Excellent machine and very easy to use

    A great product.

    Could do with being a little easier to use the wash programs but we will get used to this in time. Reasonable build quailty as to be expected from Hoover.

    Rubbish but stylish.

    It's a nice looking machine and very smart on the determine how much detergent and softener you need but it doesn't seem to know how to dry... We set it on a wash and dry, it takes about 2-3 hours and the clothes are wet, you then have to run it again to dry. Even then you set it for high heat for 30 minutes and it does it for 3 hours... Wouldn't recommend it and I'm going to contact AO on Monday to find out what the hell is going on.

    Great for a busy household

    I love the large drum this machine has as I'm doing less washings per week and its great that I can control it from my phone with the app. The only negative is I can't set the dryer for a set duration unless it's set to come on straight after a wash but my wash is always mixed with safe and none safe dryer items, so unable to use this and need to set a separate dryer programme.

    Good wifi washer dryer for the price

    First, if you want a WiFi controlled unit, check the manual that it actually is WiFi and how much it can control. I almost bought one that said wifi but was actually NFC so I'd have to stand next to the machine to use the functionality. This is a true WiFi device. It works well. The app needs work but you can see they have tried hard. The unit cleaned and dried all my clothes towels etc including car mechanics overalls with good results. Why do I like it being WiFi? I can put the washing in, close door and press 2 buttons. Making sure the lights to fill the draws are not showing empty-it automatically doses the needed amount of washing liquid and softener if you want. Then sit down (actually I lay down due to back) and select the program and customise to how dirty it is etc. Most programs are easy to select how soiled and how dry you want your clothes. Then hit the go button and it'll tell you when its done. You have to note the total end time as the current finished time may be for the wash and not wash then dry. But thats minor. As a guy(should have said at start) its made washing so much easier and the results better. No guesswork on which program or how much liquid to put in. It makes things and life easier. But as I say the app does need work. I did link it into Goe to say two commands just to get it to reconnect each time. Hopefully this will improve. I'd recommend this unit at this price point and maybe slightly higher. Thanks for reading and hope this is helpful.

    Excellent machine once you've wrapped your head around it!

    The controls took some getting used to, and initially the machine would 'walk' during spin cycles; a bit of feet adjustment and this doesn't happen anymore. Drying cycle (cupboard dry preset is a bit of 3hrs which is more than the 2hrs I used to run our dedicated dryer for; however, it does a wash and dry cycle unattended, so the extra time really isn't an issue. Power usage is about half of what our old dryer was, so that's a big plus too! (Approx 25p per wash+dry cycle, Vs the ~50p of a dry-only cycle on our older machine. Overall very happy! Does a great job once you've wrapped your head around the controls, and it looks really smart to boot.

    Great machine

    Although when we first got the machine it was a little complicated to work once we got the hang of it we found it easy to use. The app is amazing a will be really useful in the summer months. The soup and fabric softener dispenser is an amazing idea and will save loads of waste. The large load capacity is ideal for our large family.