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Customer Reviews — Hoover AXI 10Kg / 6Kg Washer Dryer - Graphite - A Rated

Customer Reviews — Hoover AXI 10Kg / 6Kg Washer Dryer - Graphite - A Rated

Hoover AXI AWDPD6106LHR Wifi Connected 10Kg / 6Kg Washer Dryer with 1600 rpm - Graphite - A Rated
  • 10kg drum capacity - great for large households
  • Rated A for energy efficiency
  • Hygiene+ and 90 degree cycles help kill germs
  • Automatically dispenses the ideal amount of detergent
  • Dimensions (cm) - H85 x W60 x D54
4.2 / 5

One of the best washer dryers I’ve ever had and oh boy, I’ve had a few....

I’d read up on the AXI washer dryer and read other reviews so I was a little apprehensive before deciding to buy. My previous model was a washer dryer too, same price range but it was now 8 years old, still worked it was just time for a newer model. When it arrived I knew I’d picked the right colour. It looks the part, and fits nicely just in my kitchen. Now to the nitty gritty, at first i thought what the chuff have I done, this is way too complicated but soon after I realised it really isn’t. Quick read of the instructions so I could get my bearings and it was on in no time. I love the touch controls, few taps for the desired program and your good to go. It did help learning the symbols when manually doing the program but once it’s connected to WiFi The choice of programs for different fabrics and textures is endless. The auto dose applies the right amount of detergent and softener every time. So it’s just a case of popping your stuff in and away you go. It will even wash and dry an outfit for you in under an hour too which I find really useful especially when your on the go. If your new to washer dryers do bare in mind that the do function differently to a stand alone dryer so you have to take into consideration your drum load. The steam function i find really useful too. This is my third washer dryer, and by far the best.

Hoover washer dryer

This is an excellent washer dryer, I love the app, it works so well, I have the app on 5 different devices, and works great, I've seen other reviews on here that say it doesn't rinse well and leaves clothes really wet ,I found quite the opposite, the machine rinses. dryes clothes really well, and you got to love love the self dose system,absolutely fantastic, clothes always come out clean and fresh , I would definitely recommend this washer dryer

Great washer/dryer with excellent app and Wi-Fi features

Great product, especially the Wi-Fi element meaning I can manage the cycles away from home. Easy to control from the app although the controls on the washing machine are a little trickier. Lots of washing and drying programmes to choose from. Overall very happy with the product.

Just Incredible

I bought this Washer Dryer as our dryer broke and our washing machine even though working, was quite old. I chose first this model as it had a big capacity drum and having a very busy household I thought this was just good for us. I should have started by saying that I am a guy in my 40s that have just started using laundry equipment, as my wife fell ill and I had to take over these kind of tasks to help with things and I found it extremely difficult with the washing machine and dryer we had. So really it was a blessing in disguise for the dryer to die on me. When ordering I decided I was going to go with the best i could afford and taking the advice of my children went for this model as it had the large drum as said before and the most important part according to my children, that was Google Home compatible. When ordered it came next day and it looked like a space ship compared with the white things I was using before. Being a stubborn Dad I decided to install it myself contrary to my children suggestion to pay extra for installation and in all honestly it took me just under 10 minutes to do so, so I have been bragging ever since to my wife and children lol. When I started it for the first time it had more light than our Christmas tree and it was a bit overwhelming, but when my mind settle I saw that it was not that complicated after giving a quick glance to the manual, until then I realise it had an auto dosing system, so I filled the soap container and the conditioner container according to instructions, then I connected it to my WiFi after I downloaded the Hover app on my phone and all of this under the preying eyes of my family, so was a bit stressed not to mess it up. I load the machine with a full wash and activated the remote control and to my amazement I could see it connected to my phone. I chose the All in One 59 program, from my phone, and I almost cry when using my phone on the dining table, selected start and that beautiful machine started working without a glitch. I can definitely say that it was the first time something went without a glitch. Now the results were fantastic, clothes were washed and dried in 1 hour and smelled amazing, I was complemented by all of my children and I could see a bit of jealousy from my wife, but to my amazement she did not complained that something was wrong or not done properly. Overall the best buy I have ever made, believe this is how I feel, not only works like a dream and I can literally wash and dry clothes even when I am away from home using my phone. But it made me, a Dad, to feel like a hero for once. Thanks for the time reading this and hope you enjoy this machine as much as I am enjoying mine.

Best purchase by far!

I absolutely love my new Hoover washer/dryer, It comes with different cycles which is so helpful when washing different items, a main thing for me when buying a washer was for it to be straight forward for me to use and this is it! Oh and an added bonus it is so quite we forget we have put it on!


Good at washing. Yet to try drying. The app is pretty handy at describing exactly what each programme does, which is helpful as the controls on the machine are a little confusing.

Fantastic washing machine but the dryer needs improvement

Totally happy with the washing machine, but the dryer needs improving. After 2hours a small load was still wet!

Worth the money

I’ve just started using my machine without the WiFi. Engineers started machine to check its working but when they left I was confused how to drain the water but finally found out I was pressing on/off instead of start/pause button! Also I didn’t realise that you can use powder but you need to put it in the front compartment of the drawer. The engineers that fitted the machine showed me how to pull the detergent drawer out to clean it so that was handy. All you do is press the area between the detergent and softener compartment then pull the drawer out. It is a lot quieter than our previous machine. I’m using the 44 minute wash which I finally worked out how to get by pressing the big circle in the middle! Very happy so far but haven’t used the dryer function yet.