Customer Reviews — Shark Anti-Hair Wrap with Powered Lift Away AZ950UK Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Customer Reviews — Shark Anti-Hair Wrap with Powered Lift Away AZ950UK Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Shark Anti-Hair Wrap with Powered Lift Away AZ950UK Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Bagless cleaning - easy to empty and no bags to buy
  • Dusting brush is ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces
  • Comb untangles & removes hair from the brush’s bristles
  • Clever floorhead captures all types of dirt
  • Special tech traps 99.9% of allergens inside the vacuum
4.8 / 5

So far so good

I have only used the shark a few times, so far so good. The suction is really good, really powerful. The anti hair wrap appears to be doing the job up to now. I find the hoover a bit heavy but other than that I’m really happy with it.

Shark ant hair wrap

I really like the anti hair wrap functionality and the vacuum very good on carpet, however, I have found it a little disappointing on the tiled kitchen surface...overall though a very good product.
A Hussain

excellent vacuum

Excellent vacuum. Love the headlights for seeing the little bits on the carpet. Used a Dyson and then went over with the shark and got a lot more up with the shark.

Shark vacuum

This Shark vacuum is the best vacuum that I have ever bought it lifts the pile on my carpets with ease, I would recommend this vacuum to anyone excellent product.
Stephen Cunliffe

Just the ticket!

Great power and performance

Didn't disappoint.

Very good machine. Its a little heavy but I don't have a problem pushing it once its turned on. The lift away is really useful in tight spaces where the base of the machine won't fit. My carpet was so clean after I used it someone thought I'd had it cleaned.
Carole from Hull

Do it!!

If you’re thinking about getting a Shark and second guessing because of the cost, do it! Honestly, that’s what I was like, now I’m kicking myself for having waited. The suction power is amazing. And with 2 dogs and 5 cats, the difference between my previous hoover and the Shark is night and day - you can smell it, let alone see it! Brilliant! Got the car detail kit with it too - so much easier and more efficient!

Improved product that was so good my daughter bought one a week later

For years of other brand vacuums I found Shark and bought it. It was fabulous and lasted many years, until the brushes were worn down. I wanted to buy the same again, by which time meant buying a newer version. It worked just as well as the old one. Sorry, better. It had a larger dust cylinder. It had improved rollers. I always loved the headlamps, but was pleased to see a light on the handle as well for the hand held jobs, like stairs. This model (AZ950UK) also had a longer power cord, three floor modes and improved buttons. I liked it so much I encouraged my daughter to buy the same one a week later. If I have to give a drawback it is the fact that it is a tad heavier than my old model, but then again the dust capacity is twice the size and I chose to buy that.
Connor Stable