Customer Reviews — Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart Speaker with Alexa - Black

Customer Reviews — Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart Speaker with Alexa - Black

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart Speaker with Alexa - Black
  • Voice-controlled WiFi speaker for your home
  • Ask questions, set diary reminders or get news updates
  • Play music from popular streaming services
  • Control other smart devices in your home
  • Connects to extra speakers via Bluetooth or 3.5mm cable
4.9 / 5


I got one for my Birthday in January and love it. But, it kept disappearing with my Son taking it upstairs to his bedroom. I bought this one for my Son for his Birthday and he was over the moon. Great price, It's a great little speaker, and easy to set up. Available in different colours. Easy to work and great volume to. Would highly recommend product.

Good device. A lot of potential.

The device is good. After researching, it offered what I needed: alarms, reminders, routines, music connectivity (I have not subscribed to the manufacturer's service. Instead, Alexa plays stations of my choice. I dont get to request a specific song without the service, but I can achieve that through other devices and apps.), and skills. One of my favourite things is that I am no longer slapping a noisy device randomly trying to find the snooze button. Life's little pleasures. I know which days my bins go out - that right there was worth the price of admission! What I am not enamoured with is the associated app. It is rudimental and restrictive (for instance cannot rename pre-installed lists and doesn't have a facility to categorise items within lists as 'core'). Deleting bespoke lists is an unnecessary faff via the archive. Routines only allow one skill, no matter how brief or simple and it must be the last item in the routine even when that doesn't work for you. This device and app are supposed to facilitate modern living, specifically your life, not prescribe. The tech is already out there Amazon, why is the Alexa operating system and app so basic and restrictive? It should be so much shinier and more clever. The skills library should be better as well. The app limits access to only a few and the quality is meh. For instance why doesn't Alexa have the ability to skip a particular exercise to the next in the skill? No command word achieves that. Alexa is simply stuck in the routine. Your options to let Alexa get on with it (while you do nothing) or you cancel the skill. All that said, is it such that I want to send it back? No. It is good enough at what it does. I have figured out the limitations and am using what is available fully and I like what I get. There is a lot of untapped potential. Hopefully one day through an update it will be realised.


It’s good fun!
K Shah


Such a fab little echo, doesn't take up too much room on the side.
Samantha Stuart


Amazing little thing that makes my day x
Ceri Fox

Takes time to get used to

Bought as a present for my father 80. Still working on setting it up. Bought a echo show 8 at the same time which was soon up and running.

Easy peasy

Easy to set up and use even for a technophobe like me.


Brilliant product, easy to use, great value.
John Gledhill