Customer Reviews — Sage The Bakery Boss™ BEM825BAL Stand Mixer with 4.7 Litre Bowl - Silver

Customer Reviews — Sage The Bakery Boss™ BEM825BAL Stand Mixer with 4.7 Litre Bowl - Silver

Sage The Bakery Boss™ BEM825BAL Stand Mixer with 4.7 Litre Bowl - Silver
  • 1200 Watt power output
  • Effective mixing action thoroughly combines ingredients
  • Variable speeds give you complete control over your mix
  • Handy timer means you can mix ingredients to perfection
  • Mixer head tilts back for easy access to ingredients
4.9 / 5

Good looking, well made bread kneader with limitations

Used this item first time and found that it made a good quality bread dough. The machine looks beautiful, and very well designed.I purchased it primarily for breadmaking. I used 1kg of bread flour in the mix as per the recommended guideline. However just over 5 minutes into the cycle, the machine beeped, stopped and continuously flashed Error 2. I discovered that this is due to over-heating of the motor and it automatically cut out to protect itself. Sage recommend switching off and waiting 15 minutes before continuing. I was disappointed at this because I had hoped that the 1.2kW motor could handle the recommended quantity of flour without regular resting to manage a standard bread mix. I will try a smaller batch (which is a shame because I bought the machine in part due to the advertised capacity). Sage also suggested adding moisture to the mix, but I don't want such a heavy bread mix which works well otherwise. I ended up kneading by hand after the machine cut out.
Jonathan A


a decent product at a decent price ……………………………………………………..
a novice baker


Nice looking, heavy mixer and having 2 bowls is a definite bonus but it doesn't perform as well as I had expected. Even with the splash guard cover and on the lowest speed I had to mix the icing sugar, flour, and milk by hand in order to stop it puffing or splashing everywhere. It doesn't cope very well with 1kg of flour making dough either and got quite hot during mixing

Bake off

Looks the part and seems well made. Too early to tell if it's a life- changing purchase but I am optimistic.

Great mixer

This is a great mixer, 12 speed settings and easy to clean. Comes with a glass and a metal bowl. The splash guard is a bit fiddly.
K Shah

A ‘WHICH’ Best Buy at a great price.

I was looking for a food mixer as I embarked upon a desire to bake during the corona lockdown. Was considering a Kenwood but after reviewing mixers in Which magazine the review for the Sage mixer coupled with the price synched it. Only AO has the mixer available at the lowest price quoted by the review. AO’s Comms were excellent and the mixer was delivered very quickly at the time stated by the affable delivery team ‘Hey8’. Few companies are managing such service during the lockdown. I’ve used the mixer a couple of times with the dough hook to knead bread and it performed well. It came with an array of attachments which I’m looking forward to using.
Vinny T

Mainly for bread making

Substantial, first lot of bread a success. Glass bowl though is extremely heavy and probably not suitable for anyone with arthritis or the elderly.
Mary R

A couple of glitches but still the best mixer out there

This is my second one of these mixers. My first was used every day for 2 years and finally gave up the ghost when I managed to knock it off the table. The Bakery boss is a fabulous mixer because of the timer - no more guessing how long you've been creaming stuff for or if you've beaten in ingredients at the right intervals. When I bought my first one, I thought the timer was a bit gimmicky, but now I wouldn't be without it. Both versions of it aren't great if you're doing a small amount of egg, or a meringue - you have to do a bit of hand mixing to ensure there's nothing left unincorporated in the bottom; but that's the case with most mixers, so I wouldn't mark it down for that. The reason it has 4 rather than 5 stars is that on this second version the lid doesn't fit properly, which makes things a bit messy.