Customer Reviews — Hisense Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A+ Rated

Customer Reviews — Hisense Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A+ Rated

Hisense BI5228PXUK Built In Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A+ Rated
  • Large 70l multifunctional oven has lots of programmes
  • Rounded cavity gives you even cooking results
  • Clever tech stops heat escaping when you open the door
  • Powerful pyrolytic cleaning – self-cleaning oven
  • Dimensions (cm) - H59.5 x W59.7 x D54.7
4.7 / 5


My mother and I have been struggling with this Hisense oven since December 2019, that’s seven months to date. Normally a fantastic cook, my 91 year old mother has a disaster every time with the Hisense. Cakes are burnt on the bottom but not risen at the top, joints of meat are cooked outside but not in the middle, pastry is dead and lifeless or half burnt half raw, scones raw at the top and burnt underneath. My mother is so disappointed that she can’t cook the simplest thing any more. And neither can I. Yesterday I had a disaster cooking roast chicken and vegetables which I’ve never had a problem with in 35 years using all kinds of old, cheap and nasty electric ovens all over the world. After an hour and a half, the chicken was only just cooked inside the legs, on 200. Nothing cooks according to our tried and tested recipes and recipe books, instructions for online recipes nor according to cooking instructions on labels. Simple oven chips! Three attempts to get them right because the temperature indicated on the label is too cool. Last year I successfully cooked numerous meals in Uganda using an oven which had either extremely hot or almost no heat, and no other controls. I’ve cooked many meals over many years in primitive little single person ovens, with no mishaps at all. But this Hisense AOL206027668 might as well be a space station for all the use it is to us. One accepts an adjustment period but seven months? I said to my mother this evening as we tried to complete the cooking of the chicken, ‘I wish I could afford to buy another oven. Just a cheap one. I’d throw this thing away’. And my mother said ‘I’m ready to do that’. But then I reminded her of the cost of the Hisense, added to the installation charge, added to removal of the old one, which we’d have to add to all the same charges for another oven. I wanted to treat my mother to a nice oven to replace the functioning but old one in the new home we moved to, but all I succeeded in doing was to spoil her enjoyment with an oven neither of us can use successfully.
Mae West

Great service, Good oven, Poor assumption - left a bad taste

Great oven, easy to use Instructions are clear, quiet cooling fan, easy delivery by AO. Be aware a) Shallow Glass Oven tray and b) Shallow Metal Oven Tray are not supplied, though the instructions do mention these. There is no "what is in the box" info anywhere on AO. I assumed from reviewing site and its Instructions Manual they were a part of the oven. OA emailed back Not with this model... The Flat Metal Shelf would be useful for the grilling and toasting etc?
Peter from Cheshunt

Outrageous installation charge

Product fine, installation charge, £100 for 17 minutes from knocking on door to leaving, is outrageous. Only ticked installation required because I though it would be complicated. Anyone could do it in ten minutes. Was a regular AO customer, never again.
Lorraine Cridge

Poorly Designed Knobs

We bought this oven on the Which? recommendation after our 17yo oven died. AO did a great job with delivery and installation, and I was happy to have a new oven after 2 months of lock down. Everything with the oven is generally great, apart from one MAJOR flaw: Our oven sits below a counter top, which means a shadow is cast down over the top of the oven. This would be fine apart from the fact that the icons for the oven programs are printed around the knobs, and are silver on a black background (any designer will tell you this is a BAD idea!) To this end, it is impossible to see what the selected icon is as you turn the dial, and this means you are forced to get the torch out on your phone to light up the device. I cant imagine this is the only scenario in which the oven knobs would present issues. Imagine you have two of them, and the upper one has knobs above eye-level. Again it would be impossible to see the program, and select what you need. The LED screen indicators would have been an easy "get out of jail free" card for Hi-sense, but even the LED screen is pretty much useless, showing 00:00:00 when not in use, and even when in use, which again renders the ui-feedback useless. Ironically the oven does a good job with audio signals, letting you know when core temperature is hit and then the cycle has finished, but that's about it. I needn't comment on the cheap feel of the knobs or the internal trays, because I think the poor design/ui of the user interface is enough to complain about. All I can say is, make sure you have the light and eye-level access to the oven, before buying on the advice of Which?
Vincent N1

A nice cooker

So far this has been a big improvement on our previous electric cooker which had put me right off purchasing another electric one, but pleased to confirm within just 2 weeks this has already highlighted what a good electrical cooker should be like....Haven't cooked a big roast in it yet but don't see this being an issue in this cooker. The front window is crystal clear and allows you to monitor the food easily. The one thing I have noticed very early on is that they've put effort in the digital display so this can be seen in different lighting but the setting on the dials themselves can be hard to see with the lip of work counter stopping the light getting to these.


Great whilst it works, no support from Hisense broken after 6 months wont heat up. contacted Hisense in December now mid jan and still no response from Hisense call center goes to answer phones - avoid all Hisense products if you want any customer service
David Oates haynes


From placing the order on web till having the new oven installed it was a great experience. Website is easy to use, various ways to pay and flexible delivery dates. Installation and recycling available and affordable. Customer service is great as they followed with a phone call to confirm the order and offered to take our old oven back for free. In the morning of the delivery I got a message with a 3 hour slot which helps not to sit all day waiting in the house. The team who came to install the oven were on time, very professional, checked all the electrical devices and fitted the new oven very quick and tested it. Can’t fault the service in any way. Very friendly and professional team all together. Would recommend definitely and will definitely use them in the future! They are the best value for money on the market today 100%!

Outer top plate gets VERY hot!!

I bought this Oven based on the Which Magazine rating and reviews. However with the one I had, the Top Plate on the outside of the Oven where the Knobs are got very hot as hot air came out of the top of the Oven Door when the door was closed. Don't know if this is a design fault but when I got the replacement Oven it did exactly the same. You dont notice it at the start or connection stage only when Oven has been on a long time plus through the cooling down period. The plate gets so hot you can hardly touch it. I think it could be a big issue if someone gets burned. I ended up buying (and was more than happy to do so) a slightly more expensive Bosch Oven in the end as I lost confidence with the Hisense Oven after the replacement did exactly the same thing. Maybe I was just unlucky but for me it was not worth the risk going forward or the hassle of having no oven till a another replacement arrives. Hope this review helps everyone involved.
Steve A