Customer Reviews — Dyson Big Ball Animal 2 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Customer Reviews — Dyson Big Ball Animal 2 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Big Ball Animal 2 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
  • Bagless cleaning - easy to empty and no bags to buy
  • 1.5 litre dust capacity
  • Clever attachment with rotating brushes to pick up hair
  • Dusting brush is ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty for peace of mind
4.8 / 5

Highly recommend

I’ve had these vacuums before and was always very happy with them, they have good suction and don’t break down. When I replaced my old one I bought the cordless version and was very disappointed, it has terrible suction in comparison and broke within 2 weeks. I then replaced it with this model and and very happy again. I would always recommend these models as they are excellent hoovers and last a long time.
Big momma

Great hoover ideal if you got pet highly recommend

Fantastic hoover


Good hoover does the job stated
Lisa C

Fisrt Impressions

So Far ... Arrived on time, easy to put together and first run was brilliant ... first time out so cannot say more!
Too Much Information!

It has, to be a Dyson!

This is my 4th Dyson. The hoover is quite quiet and the suction is phenomenal. The feature which pushes all the dirt & dust out is great too. I am a little nervous of the stand-alone buttons for on/off and cord retract as they are not in the main body of the hoover. Very pleased with my purchase. Thank you.

great mix of power and portability

really easy to set up and suction is great - design means the main unit can be left in middle of room and hose long enough to reach most areas without having to move constantly
Harjit Lyall

Great upgrade on our 12 yr old Big Ball...

Read some iffy reviews about the non-Animal model, but our faithful Big Ball of 12 years was on it's last legs. This new version is brilliant, though the super suction mode will ruin carpets if you're not careful (you can manually flip the switch to normal). Great on sofas where children deposit the majority of their meals, and if we ever get a dog I'm sure it'll do a splendid job there as well. Can recommend.
Mike Cheetham


First class service, delivered right on time, product exactly as I wanted.
Brian Daish