Customer Reviews — Dyson Big Ball Animal 2 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Customer Reviews — Dyson Big Ball Animal 2 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Big Ball Animal 2 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
  • Bagless cleaning - easy to empty and no bags to buy
  • 1.5 litre dust capacity
  • Clever attachment with rotating brushes to pick up hair
  • Dusting brush is ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty for peace of mind
4.8 / 5

Great upgrade on our 12 yr old Big Ball...

Read some iffy reviews about the non-Animal model, but our faithful Big Ball of 12 years was on it's last legs. This new version is brilliant, though the super suction mode will ruin carpets if you're not careful (you can manually flip the switch to normal). Great on sofas where children deposit the majority of their meals, and if we ever get a dog I'm sure it'll do a splendid job there as well. Can recommend.
Mike Cheetham
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Not pet friendly

This is supposed to be great for those of us that have pets.. Wrong!! I spend more time picking up the clumps of cat hair after hoovering then the amout of time it took to hoover in the first place. Secondly, we have plush carpeting in the living room, by the time you've finished hoovering you need a massage.. Would never recommend this product!!!
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The first thing that impressed me when I started using it was how quiet it is. It is very light, which is much easier for my wife to use, and easily gets into all the corners. A marked upgrade over our old cylinder vacuum.
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Dyson animal 2

Excellent!! Picks up everything. Leaves the carpet looking like new and has a good variety of attachments. Very happy!
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Great additions!

Great hoover as always, but with a few new additions, one being multi surface hoover head, so when changing floor surface, it glides smoothly. Very happy, well done dyson, again!
Mandy T
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Dyson will always be my favourite. Reliable and customer service excellent
sue armstrong
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Great quality upgrade from the older model.

Took a risk on buying this vacuum due to the high price. But it really is worth paying more. We had the older model but this one outclasses it in every way. It is a bit heavier then the older version but has better suction is quieter and have a good selection of tools.
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Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

This is the third dyson I've had and it doesn't disappoint. I chose to get a cylinder to save space, but it's just not quite as easy to use as the upright or cordless models. I'm not sure I'd buy this again although it has great power. However, in comparison to the bog standard hoovers its good!
Product Tester
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