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Customer Reviews — Miele Comfort Blizzard CX1 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Customer Reviews — Miele Comfort Blizzard CX1 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Comfort Blizzard CX1 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
  • Bagless cleaning - easy to empty and no bags to buy
  • Incredible suction lifts fine dust & coarse particles
  • Powerful, efficient suction thanks to floorhead design
  • Self-cleaning filter guarantees excellent performance
  • Tested for the equivalent of 20 years' use
4.8 / 5

Great vacuum

I have a mix of hard floors, rugs and carpet and this vacuum is brilliant on all of them, and the controls on the handle make it very easy to switch from one to the other easy to use, well designed and feels robust. It is a little heavy but otherwise very good.

Totally surprised

I have always been someone who thought it was total madness to pay 300+ for a hoover. My friends were sneered at when buying anything silly prices! Anyway, my old hoover broke and everything I looked at was not as good as my old one, nothing compared!! I hate the supposedly popular expensive hoover. Was looking and comparing everything and the only one that fitted what I need it for (4 adults and 2 dogs) was this one. I was sure the comfort handle was a gimmick but it was the only one I could get quickly and it fitted my criteria!! I never thought I would ever enthuse about a vacuum cleaner but I just love it! The comfort handle is fantastic when I am doing the stairs as it is "comfortable" to use and the controls are brilliant and very handy rather than having to go to where the hoover body is. I just am so pleased with it, it pucks up everything and us so easy to empty into the bin. I definitely would get it again in spite of the price.


After some research, I chose this model because of the ability to control the power from the handle. The delivery was fast and extremely adequate, even at the current global situation. The vacuum cleaner turned out to be a little bigger than I expected, and heavier than my previous one, but this is the only weak point. Sometimes I think I can take the laminate off the floor, but actually I like it - the perfect suction power. I also like the filter system. With my previous vacuum cleaner, I had to ventilate after cleaning, now I have the feeling that my vacuum cleaner is filtering the air in the room. I haven't had a better vacuum cleaner so far. It’s worth it the price. I highly recommend it.

All-round fantastic experience

I've tried all kinds of vacuums but this is hands-down the most efficient and effective. 4 different settings make it perfect for cleaning delicate surfaces, dusty sofas, or filthy floors. Can range from super-powerful to gentle and quiet. The main floor brush has two settings: carpet and tile. It cleans tiles without a hint of scratching them. The best bit is the bagless cylinder. You can easily see what you're cleaning up which is a) satisfying and shocking, and b) useful if you accidentally suck up a vital bit of lego. Emptying the cylinder is simple and environmentally friendly (no more wasted bags). It's also easy to wash the cylinder thoroughly so it's clean as new. Nothing I don't like about this Miele. Wish I had bought it months ago.

It does the job!

Fed up with our portable vacuum always dying halfway through the job, I wanted to get a mains vacuum, fully understanding it wouldn't be as light as the portable. After a bit of research, the Miele Blizzard seemed to be just what we were after; bagless, a HEPA filter as I suffer from allergies, and perceived Miele quality. We're really pleased with it so far; it's pulled more dirt out of the carpet than our portable, which made me think 'eurgh' as we don't have kids or pets, and the portable is an expensive well known product, used regularly... It's also brought the carpet pile back up from being flat, and the carpets are visibly brighter. I did also purchase the 'Turbo brush' head, as I feel this works the carpet better than the normal head, and is a lot easier to use. Having the power switch and controls on the handle I thought were a bit gimmicky at first, but they're actually really useful. I also like the styling, a little bit spaceship-like from some angles :-D Overall, extremely pleased...well as pleased as you can be with vacuuming, which is being done a lot more now we're in lockdown!

Light and Powerful

Light and easy to use. Only negative, it’s suction is too powerful for thick pile carpets. It makes for a seriously intense workout! Great results on other floors.

Efficient but challenging on carpet

Well designed and easy to use, however, appears to be better designed for hard floors rather than carpets. Needs to be used on lowest setting when using on carpet, although does still seem to be effective.

Amazing product

I looove it! This is - so far - the best vacuum cleaner I have ever owned. It is quiet and incredibly sufficient. Easy to use and to empty the cylinder that holds the dust and bits. No dust rising when it is emptied which is pretty unique. The HEPA filter does an amazing job and clears the air perfectly. Suction is incredible and the comfort handle where it can be switched on and off and programs can be changed is something I do not want to miss anymore. The wide hard floor brush is wonderful, very agile and perfect for larger areas. It glides with ease and cleaning is actually good fun now.