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    Customer Reviews - Miele Blizzard CX1 PowerLine Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

    Customer Reviews - Miele Blizzard CX1 PowerLine Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

    Miele Blizzard CX1 PowerLine Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
    • Bagless cleaning - easy to empty and no bags to buy
    • Incredible suction lifts fine dust & coarse particles
    • Powerful, efficient suction thanks to floorhead design
    • Self-cleaning filter guarantees excellent performance
    • Tested for the equivalent of 20 years' use
    4.8 / 5

    Better than I'd expected

    Very pleased with this machine. A long electric lead and hose which is ideal for my old house, with it's shortage of sockets and awkward nooks and crannies. More powerful and lighter than I expected.

    Miele hover

    It's a fantastic little hover it's quite when in use easy to empty when full and it also has a self clean option on it the only thing that I not liking is that's it quite heavy apart from that it's a fantastic hover all in all.

    Very good

    I am very pleased with this cleaner. It is easy to use, smooth and relatively quiet. It is excellent on hard floors (only dropped a star as it isn't as efficient on carpet but still does a decent clean just takes more effort on my part going over the same area a few times). Overall I am impresses with initial uses.

    Miele Blizzard CX1 Power Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

    Having previously owned a Miele Vacuum Cylinder I was happy to purchase another Which I am pleased to say it is as good as one I had before with the added fact that it is bag less and self cleans the air filter (no more paying for throw away bag)

    Less but the same !

    Less powerful motor but no less power . How do they do that ? Still able to lift the carpet off the floor !! Excellent purchase.

    Power to clean.

    I bought the Miele Blizzard as my current cleaner (Vax upright) was becoming too cumbersome on the stairs and not good with my painful back problems. The Miele Blizzard has power beyond belief, is simple to use and excels on all types of flooring and what's better because of the length of its reach, it is a dream on my stairs. Only on down side, when on full power (there are four settings) it can take a bit of effort, due to the power of the suction, but it does a great job and any purchaser will not be disappointed.

    Miele Vacuum Ceaner

    The vacuum cleaner is very powerful on pickup on carpet. Only downside is that it is a heavy unit which is not ideal for the ladies
    Sudhir Singh

    A Good Clean

    Only just purchased this cleaner. So far, impressed with it. The dust and fluff is picked up efficiently. It needs some effort to vacuum carpets as the head is not motorised, which is why I gave it 4 stars. I do like to use the hose with the soft brush on skirting boards and upholstery, and it does this well. I think it's worth having a corded machine as you don't run out of battery during a cleaning session, and being bagless, it saves money. It's easy to store and seems a solid machine. It did well in Which comparisons.
    Hippy Replacement