Customer Reviews — Sage BWM520BSS The No Mess Waffle Maker - Stainless Steel

Customer Reviews — Sage BWM520BSS The No Mess Waffle Maker - Stainless Steel

Sage BWM520BSS The No Mess Waffle Maker - Stainless Steel
  • Wrap around moat catches the overflow of batter
  • Browning control dial with 7 colour setting
  • Even heat distribution for perfect results
  • Locking latch provides extra security & saftey
  • Stays hot for longer thanks to the aluminium plates
4.8 / 5

Very good

My kids like waffles and this machine was good choice. The result is the same with going out in a good waffle restaurant . It is worth its money.

so easy

easy to use, makes lovely waffles, easy to keep clean

Perfect waffles, zero effort.

I would like to start by saying i actually bought mine from a different retailer, i mistakenly thought it would be less hassle for me, i wont go in to details but i wish i had used AO again, lesson learned ! We bought a cheaper waffle maker some time ago, i did nt want to buy an expensive one as i was nt sure how much we would use one, big mistake ! The cheaper machine made passable waffles but was a nightmare to clean and we ended up with waffle mix all over the counter. In the end we did nt use it that much, not because we did nt want waffles, just because we could nt be bothered with the hassle ! This waffle maker is amazing, no mess , no hassle ! The non stick is seriously good, the moat catches over spill . The timer means that you know exactly when your waffles are done, with the old one if they were nt quite done because the non stick was nt as good and you opened it early it would tear the waffle apart, no such problems with this machine :) One word of warning , i find that a lot of waffle recipes are a little thin for this machine, i like to add a little more flour and it makes thicker fluffier waffles. As with everything else i own by sage they take an appliance that everyone else makes and then make it a lot better, worth every penny.

Sage No Mess Waffle Maker

Makes great waffles , might have to get used to the qty of mix to use but pleased with the result overall However not over impressed with the quality of the finishing on the plastic base more specifically around the rim of the plastic base. Hence only 3 star given the cost of this machine.

Exactly what is said on the tin / Waffle Iron

Fantastic product , my wife had been after one for ages. i bought it in conjunction with pre mix product. Beautiful Waffles every time , super easy to use and clean.


I have to say what a great product... so easy to use.. easy to clean and great result

The champagne of waffle makers

Solid piece of kit. Looks great and makes perfect waffles

Well built and cooks well

A very well built, sturdy device that cooks waffles nicely and quickly using the variable heat setting. The added moat is useful for catching the excess mix. Recommended!
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