Customer Reviews — Wpro C00481228 Fridge Freezer Accessory White

Customer Reviews — Wpro C00481228 Fridge Freezer Accessory White

Wpro C00481228 Fridge Freezer Accessory - White
  • Air purifier
  • Includes PurifAIR filter holder, 1 filter & 1 battery
  • Odour absorber keeps your fridge smelling fresh
  • LED indicator tells you when to change your filter
  • Suitable for use with all brands of machine
4.7 / 5

Great product

Fits in easy clips on to shelf doesn't take up any of the fridge space as clips on to shelf
Good colour

fantastic product

this is an amazing fridge freezer with built in screen that not only lets you see inside the fridge can play music display your pics that most of us just keep on our iphones and so many more great features
chris wade

Wpro fridge filter

Nice gadget, clean and easy to install in the fridge. Looks the part but I will only know how well it works with time

Fairly good, but still food smell

Depending on the food product, generally does the job, but.... if you put cocktail beetroot,in the fridge, then make sure you have it well sealed! Otherwise it makes no difference??

Great little gadget

It's early days at the moment but I have left half an onion in the fridge on many occasions and can't smell it. Word of warning. I returned this because after following the instructions to a T the green light didn't remain on. The instructions are lacking. The unit was in fact working. Once it's in situ when you open the fridge door it flashes green to denote it's working efficiently.


Does what it should do! Can’t fault it. Smaller than expected but it’s discreet in the fridge.

Looks good and definitely works!

I put this in a packed fridge freezer and all the inevitable smells and this gadget has meant I haven't got the usual ‘fridge smell’ when I open the door. It’s nice that you can see it working too (green blinking light) however, as an another reviewer has stated, don’t think it’s not working if the light doesn’t blink when unit is not in place in fridge... it does work once you put it in there, which I guess means it can sense it’s in cold environment! Definitely recommended.
Helen Thompson

A breath of fresh air!

What an amazing little gizmo this is! With two growing boys we always have a well stocked fridges, but whilst the lads know how to undo packets to get to the food they rarely close the lid/packet afterwards leading to a smelly fridge. Not anymore! The PurifAIR filter works it’s magic in the dark fridge so that every time you open it it’s clean fresh air that hits you in the nose.