Customer Reviews — Candy Fully Integrated Standard Dishwasher - Silver with Fixed Door Fixing Kit - F Rated

Customer Reviews — Candy Fully Integrated Standard Dishwasher - Silver with Fixed Door Fixing Kit - F Rated

Candy CDI1LS38S Fully Integrated Standard Dishwasher - Silver Control Panel with Fixed Door Fixing Kit - F Rated
  • 13 place settings - great for medium-sized households
  • 29 minute quick wash - great if you're in a hurry
  • Control your appliance with an Android smartphone app
  • Remembers most used programmes, saving you time
  • Dimensions (cm) - H82 x W59.8 x D55 - Learn more
4.5 / 5

Biggest mistake you'll make

This is an awful dishwasher, it cleans most of the time, it's brand new so it should clean every time, but it is the noisiest dishwasher I have ever owned, please don't believe the 5 star reviews as they must be fake, we can shut the lounge doors and still hear the sound of water splashing around, as it's been fitted into the kitchen units I'm sure we can't return it, the noise is over bearing if in the kitchen, we'll be buying a neff or bosch as soon as we can afford to, it's the only kitchen appliance we've skimped on and it's the worst mistake we made. Lesson learnt, spend £800 plus and by a good brand or you'll regret it. I would have put zero stars if I could
Mark Neville


This dishwasher is a complete nightmare! The hinges are so tight the door springs up constantly when trying to load and unload. I am literally having to lift the entire trays out to unload it. The door is flimsy and looks like it’s sprained already. It is quiet and the settings are good but completely in practical. Having to send it back and get a different one.
Parsons Emma

Rubbish Product

Dreadful - stacking is a nightmare. Bottom rack far to small and feels as though it is the wrong way round. Wish I had never bought it.

Don’t buy this

Started off working well but after 18 months it flooded my floor. Plumber said the hose wasn’t fitted properly when built ,as the hose and clip were not damaged , and even with a new clip the hose fell off again when I used it and flooded floor again. Candy’s answer was a call out of £130 or a repair payment plan for a year for £200! Looking on the internet this is a common fault but they won’t help fix it. Now buying a different make instead of spending nearly the cost of the machine trying to fix it


Since the installation, we have shelves falling off this awful cheap and nasty dishwasher. Suspect that one of the shelves was also installed inside out. Dishwashing quality is mediocre. Stay away

Dishwasher not so good

Another purchase form AO with great delivery time and as always great customer service (if needed). Dishwasher was purchased to replace a basic one i had had for a few years, I didn't go for the cheapest option as wanted a few options like quick wash etc. This candy machine is like a step back in time, very basic controls using LED lights that double up for different tasks, not easy viewing. The capacity is awful due to the layout, cutlery rack is at the back which makes it very un user friendly for just dropping a tea spoon in when you've finished with it, I cant fit my big pans in and the top shelf is just strange, glasses are usually tipped over at the end of the wash. The door is terrible, no option to change the pressure so its like weight lifting, my cupboard door is very heavy and my old machine you had to steady it on the way down, not such with this, its literally like your trying to pull the door of, and how the door fastens there is no support at the top so it tries to pull away from the dishwasher itself, not good at all. Positive is that is dries and washes probably better than my old one, but that's most likely because i have to half fill it due to space. I wouldn't recommend unless you've had this type of layout before.

Failed after 4 weeks

This looked like a great machine, fitting was easy and it worked well for a couple of weeks before failing. Dishwashers are usually pretty reliable and easy to use but this product fails on many levels. The controls are not intuitive, the NFC connectivity doesnt connect and it has stopped working after a few dozen washes. I cannot recommend this machine at all


Can't use because there was no back legs to adjust for height.. I've ordered legs but that was over a week ago
Kathleen Fleming