Customer Reviews — Candy Slimline Dishwasher - White - E Rated

Customer Reviews — Candy Slimline Dishwasher - White - E Rated

Candy CDPH2L1049W Slimline Dishwasher - White - E Rated
Save £1
Was £250
  • 10 place settings - great for compact kitchen spaces
  • 30 minute quick wash - great if you're in a hurry
  • Cutlery basket keeps knives, forks and spoons organised
  • Dries efficiently with heat created during the wash
  • Dimensions (cm) - H85 x W45 x D60
4.6 / 5

Candy is not Bosch

I was very disappointed with the product - (precociously owned a Bosch (reaffirmed you get what you pay for) - holes in bottom drawer too big and things fall through - can’t put dinners plates and middle of rack as you can’t close the door properly - (door is not very secure) - not sure if seal is forming but no floods so far :) it was cheap but would rather have paid more and got a better machine .

Good for the money but not a bargain.

Previously had Bosch machine that broke after only 2.5 years so bought the Candy as a replacement as it was much cheaper. This is not as good a machine as the Bosch as it does not wash as well or dry as well. You have to check the items are clean after the cycle before putting them away. It does have a good range of 5 easy to use cycles. I guess a cheaper machine is not going to be as good.

Happy with purchase

Great item but very long wash settings even on eco

Candy Dishwasher

Ideal for a small kitchen and family. A quite machine, and washes well. Instruction leaflet could be clearer on programs and salt and rinse aid

Candy slimline dishwasher

This was bought to replace an older dishwasher which had developed a fault. This dishwasher seems to be as good as any, dishes are certainly very clean. The manual is rubbish and not helpful at all, the English translations are poor and it refers to digital displays which this model does not have. The dishwasher was delivered with a new style antiflood hose which has a rectangular box on one end. No instructions in manual as to which end attached to the dishwasher (it's the normal hose end). As someone else mentioned 10.5" plates don't fit in the bottom rack unless you raise the upper basket. However this now means the upper basket is too small to fit side plates on. I'm able to fit pasta bowls, dinner plates and side plates in the bottom so the top rack is now mainly used for cooking utensils and the odd cereal bowl. The cutlery basket can be moved about and the prongs on the bottom rack can lie flat, useful for washing larger pots of a wok. There is a 'Zoom' quick wash which is 32 minutes long, a rinse program and 3 others ranging from an eco one which take 296 minutes. I To use, you load the dishes, add the detergent and then press the power on button. The program light comes on and pressing the program button repeatedly cycles the light along to the one you choose. Confusingly the three buttons showing wash, rinse and dry stage of the program also double up for the 3hr, 6hr and 9hr timer delay. You then press the start button. The program light flashes while it is running and There is an audible beep at the end of the cycle and the machine powers off. If you press the ON button there is no way to switch it back off, you just have to leave it and it will power off itself.

Cutlery tray.

Works very well the only thing wrong with it the small sections of the cutlery container. I have to use cutlery with handles and they won't go in the container as the holes are too small.
Margaret Jessie reffin

Good compact dishwasher

So far so good. Nice compact dishwasher. Holds quite a lot and washes well even on economy cycle. Nowhere in instructions does it say to long hold to turn on and off but worked it out by trial and error and now very easy to use.
A Webb

good came out of poor

The product is very good. The installation however was not. I was impressed with the post sales support who managed to resolve the problems that the installation caused.
Ian Bray