Customer Reviews — Beko CEG5301X Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Stainless Steel

Customer Reviews — Beko CEG5301X Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Stainless Steel

Beko CEG5301X Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Stainless Steel
  • Compatible with coffee beans
  • 2 pre-programmed coffees at the touch of a button
  • Memory function remembers your favourite drinks
  • Can make both single and double shots of esspresso
  • Cleaning function keeps your machine in great condition
4.8 / 5

Good product

Very easy to set up and use, great tasting coffee as well
Gordon Ramsell

If only...

I’m a real coffee nut and I so really want to love this machine as it’s much more compact that my old DeLonghi which I had for 7 years and was great. The overall design is is good and I like the little touches like the height adjustable spout and the light that illuminates your cup during operation. It makes very good espresso, on a par with the DeLonghi, and the adjustable brew size is easy to set. BUT... there are (so far) two really annoying features on this machine. The first is the auto shut off function which shuts off after 20 minutes. Just about the same time it takes me to drink my first cuppa in the morning. So I find myself going for my second cup just as the machine switches off and goes through it’s cleaning cycle which uses about a third of a mug of water and reduces the level in the water reservoir, when it could have been going in my brew. So if you’re a multiple-cup person then you might find yourself topping up the water a lot. The second issue is probably a design fault. I presume that the machine must use an optical sensor to detect when the waste container needs emptying. It very often gives a false notification even though the waste container is nowhere near full (sometimes after just one use following emptying). The machine then can’t be used until you detach the container and rinse it out and replace it. I think the sensor must be catching the reflection of the liquid in the bottom of the tray and taking a false reading. If it hadn’t been for these two issues it would have been a five star.


Perfect coffee machines. I love it.
Veliko Savov

Perfect entry level bean to cup coffee machine ?

I've had this machine for 10 days now and love it! The design is simple and steamline compared to alot of bean to cup machines. Holds a decent amount of beans and water. Easy to set up and instant hot water. It's good value for money for an entry level coffee machine. Makes a fantastic strong espresso.

Makes weak expresso

This machine is well built and looks good in the kitchen. It feels like it will last. It’s easy to fill with water and coffee and easy to empty the drip tray and coffee grounds. The only problem is that I find the espresso too weak for my taste and there is no obvious way to increase the strength. There are two coffee buttons: the one with the small cup symbol which according to the instructions is for “strong expresso”. The button with a big cup which I had incorrectly assumed would make a double expresso actually is described as “mild expresso” ie it uses the same amount of coffee just adds more water. The instructions supplied are minimal. It says “you can adjust the grinder to suit the roast of your coffee by turning the adjuster knob in the bean container”. It fails to explain which way you should turn the knob to increase or decrease the grind and what affect this should have in the strength. I am currently on my third bag of different beans, experimenting with the grinder adjustment. So far I remain unsatisfied with the coffee from this machine.
Rich Jones

Great little machine

Great value machine, easy to use m. Fast delivery
David Matthews

Great product and customer service

Great product. Machine arrived quickly with plenty of communication from AO and courier. Thank you.

Great bit of kit

Great bit of kit.... we had had Nespresso machines the last few times so fancied some more variety in coffee. This is a great option for a great price!!