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Customer Reviews — AEG 60cm Electric Cooker with Induction Hob - Stainless Steel - A/A Rated

Customer Reviews — AEG 60cm Electric Cooker with Induction Hob - Stainless Steel - A/A Rated

AEG CIB6731ACM 60cm Electric Cooker with Induction Hob - Stainless Steel - A/A Rated
  • Rated A/A for energy efficiency
  • Main oven gives you lots of different ways to cook
  • Bake using steam for crusty breads and fluffy cakes
  • Special liners absorb grease to make cleaning easier
  • Dimensions (cm) - H91.2 x W60 x D60.9
4.9 / 5

Overall, it's fine. Not ideal.

The dials are cheap plastic, and scrape a bit, but the rest of the unit seems sturdy enough. The post-cooking cooling fan runs for 40 minutes after using it for 15 minutes at 150c. Not ideal, but you could get used to it. The hob is fast and the glass cleans easily. The ovens are good, but don't let anything get on the bottom. Lost some fingernail on that one. As for colour, it's just black, with steel trim. It's not really "stainless steel' any more than chrome handles on a black car makes the car chrome. There are other brands that were out of stock, hence this choice, but in the end I think we'll be fine with it as a solid machine with what seems to be a good warranty. We did consider taking a 50% loss and waiting for the one we actually wanted, but that would be ludicrous.

Very happy.

So far we are very happy with this cooker

Great product

Really pleased with my purchase, perfect for our needs. Only a suggestion but a small tub of cleaner with it would be good, just to get you started

Brilliant Cooker purchase

Decided to go induction after our dual fuel stoves cooker failed after 5 yrs of use. Went for AEG after good reviews. It took a while to work out the differences between this model and a cheaper one, but glad to have gone to this model. Cooker itself is brilliant. Induction hob easy to clean and it’s very quick to heat. Great results so far from Oven.

High standard I expect of AEG

I'm new to induction jobs but finding the smooth flat surface easy to keep clean. Still translating the 1 to 9 range for hob Tommy previous 1 to 6 hit no complaints. Top heat is very fast. Haven't tried all the oven settings yet but finding it easy to use. Still haven't needed to refer to manual.

A cooker's a cooker's a cooker! Or is it?

I spent an awful long time looking at brochures, browsing websites and reading reviews on Which and other consumer appliance testing pages. It seemed I was going round in circles, until I fell upon the AEG website and started reading. The word induction intrigued me so I did a bit more research and decided to give a cooker with this facility a whirl. As I'd dealt with AO before and knew I would get decent service I plunked for the CIB6731ACM_SS and that's where the journey started. I have boiled, simmered, fried and even made crumpets on the hob and once you get used to some of the noises characteristic apparently, to the induction process the speed of heating is impressive. As yet I haven't experimented too much with the Steam bake and Surround bake facilities but I am hoping that they won't disappoint. This is a very impressive and well built piece of kit and with a 5 year manufacturers warranty it doesn't feel too much of a risk as a major purchase. The AEG range are what I class as middle priced but as they say you get what you pay for. The manual does take a bit of understanding but once you get your head round it, the features that the appliance has are outstanding. Obviously the acid test comes with any cooking appliance after a period of time to see if any faults manifest themselves but in the short term this cooker will do for me.

AEG CIB6731ACM 60cm Electric Cooker with Induction Hob - Induction is the way forward

This is a serious piece of culinary preparation kit. I must admit that I wasn't all together convinced that induction was significantly more user friendly or efficient than the ceramic hob. How wrong could I be and although the noises sometimes emitted from the pots and pans on the hob during heating can be a little disquieting, the overall outcome is impressive. I haven't used the 2 ovens yet but if they are half as good as I expect them to be then I will be elated. This is not a cheap item but even so it is a lot of cooker for the money and as induction is more cost effective than ceramic I consider it to be money well spent. The build quality of AEG should also be mentioned as well as the control features. I have read in some reviews about some models having slight faults although I did not find any with my purchase. The control features, it has been noted in past reviews, some people took some time to familiarise themselves with. This I think is a fair observation as the manual is not as user friendly as it perhaps could be. Having said that, once you do become familiar with them the functions are superb and comprehensive. All in all not cheap but well worth the money.

Five stars

Amazing product, delivery guys were prompt and professional. Never had