Customer Reviews — Indesit Standard Dishwasher - White - E Rated

Customer Reviews — Indesit Standard Dishwasher - White - E Rated

Indesit DFC2C24UK Standard Dishwasher - White - E Rated
  • 14 place settings - great for medium-sized households
  • 28 minute quick wash - great if you're in a hurry
  • Push & Go button immediately starts an everyday cycle
  • Cycle with powerful jet action removes burnt on food
  • Dimensions (cm) - H85 x W60 x D59
4.2 / 5

Indesit Dishwasher

This dishwasher cleans well. I have some issues with the rack arrangements, my plates don't fit as well as they did in my old Indesit, and the flaps break easily and cannot be put on the highest position. I like the fold down spikes in the bottom rack, which makes fitting larger items easier.
M. Keasley


Excellent! Lovely clean dishes and the adjustable top shelf is great.

Great Dishwasher!

Really impressed with our new dishwasher, there's so many benefits other than it being better on lower water consumption and electricity use than our previous dishwasher. The top shelf adjusts in height allowing more clearance for bigger items like saucepans etc to be washed. The stem holders for wine glasses can be moved completely out of the way or again adjusted for champagne flute (or taller wine glasses) or set lower for standard wine glasses. The lower shelf has racking that can be layed flat or clicked into place for plates. And last but not least the clever function of the door automatically opening after the cycle has finished, which means it all air dries inside with no condensation or water residue.
Andy T

E rated not A++ as advertised

This was advertised as A++ rated and on arrival was an E , the dishwasher was choosen for the rating and washed ok, except some on our existing plates no longer fit as they have made the spacings tighter to squeeze 2 extra place settings in and increased length of arms. The cutlery tray is also smaller. Works ok
Alex Jones

No longer efficiency A but now E

Great dishwasher. European standards have changed so no longer efficiency A but E. Also our large plates don’t fit on the lower rack! We still love the dishwasher

Good technology, but not a great looking machine

This feels a little smaller than our last (Beko) appliance, and I didn’t realise I’d miss not having the controls on the top edge of the door - on this model they’re on the front. That said, 6 years on from our last purchase and it’s clear technology has moved on: this is quicker, quieter, and so far cleans better than our last did. The instruction booklet has a good guide showing how to set water hardness levels and how to adjust the rinse aid levels. I’d probably go for an integrated one next time, as, like me, it’s not the prettiest thing to look at!!

Looks good performs well

Great range of functions, looks sleek, easy to programme, cleans well

Another great product from indesit

love this dishwasher after reading the reviews i was unsure what to expect as it was not my first choice but due to unforeseen circumstances i ended up with this model i love indesit all my appliances are indesit . with this model you do need to read the manual fully as i found out ,the top rack can be raised so it gives you room for your dinner plates ,it has a salt adjustment level so if you live in soft water areas or very hard you can adjust it then and you wont need to change it again ,the cutlery basket lid can be slid back neatly so your not fiddling with trying to put cutlery in the holes ,it beeps at the end of each cycle, and the push and go button is great no need to select a program as its all ready to go press for 3 sec and its great for an everyday cycle , i am so glad i did not listen to the reviews of people who did not read the instruction manual before leaving a review ,oh and love the fact that when finished a cycle the door opens slightly .
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