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    Customer Reviews — Smeg Fully Integrated Standard Dishwasher - Black with Fixed Door Fixing Kit - E Rated

    Customer Reviews — Smeg Fully Integrated Standard Dishwasher - Black with Fixed Door Fixing Kit - E Rated

    Smeg DIA13M2 Fully Integrated Standard Dishwasher - Black Control Panel with Fixed Door Fixing Kit - E Rated
    • 13 place settings - great for medium-sized households
    • 27 minute quick wash - great if you're in a hurry
    • Delicate programme is perfect for glassware
    • Dries efficiently with heat created during the wash
    • Dimensions (cm) - H81.8 x W59.8 x D57
    4.5 / 5

    Washes really well

    Washes well. Nor loud. Only issue for me is door is heavy so when you open it, it opens very quickly. That also means that when it finishes its cycle, the door opens automatically and opens up all of the way. Our dog sleeps in the kitchen so I found him curled up on the door where it was lovely and warm!! ??

    Pretty good.

    It's a good dishwasher with nice deep shelf at top. My previous dishwasher would not fit tall glasses on top shelf but this will quite comfortably. The quick wash is very quick but it left the load very wet so we have opted to use the normal mode which takes a bit longer but dishes seem drier. It's not as quiet as my old Siemens dishwasher that was In the house when we moved in but I think it was a very expensive top end model. Fitting was straightforward to a point. Pipework etc was easy. Just hand screwed the water feed and aqauastop on and pushed the waste onto the old spigot under sink. The only issue came with the integrated door. My previous dishwasher would open and close no problem but when I fitted my existing door to the front of this it would not open as it was hitting the plinth underneath. I tried all sorts of adjustments (pushing dishwasher back, forward and rasing it as high as possible ) but it still hit the plinth. I finally have up and cut a notch off top of plinth and all is now good. Can't see the notch unless down on knees looking for it. I checked with a friend who is a kitchen fitter and he said it was actually pretty common to have to cut the plinth in this way. So not a criticism of this washer. More just a "be aware" because I wasn't! My only gripe (and I haven't marked it down for this) is that there is no indicator ligh to show it's running. Less of an issue as when it is running you can hear it and when it finishes the door pops open to aid drying. (be aware you need to fit the deflector plate under worktop if wooden!)

    Excellent replacement for older SMEG model.

    Replaced a similar previous model that wore out after 8 years. Was unable to install the first replacement as the levelling foot at the back would not lower. Excellent service from AO, who arranged to collect and deliver a replacement the next day. Once fitted, the dishwasher is great. It is quiet and the automatic opening of the door when finished is a nice feature. We have removed the additional glass supports and cutlery holders above the top rack as we don't use these (our personal preference). The cutlery basket can be placed anywhere in the lower rack, so you can make the best use of the space each time you use it. I did not need to use the fixing kit that was supplied as I was able to move the door facing from the old SMEG model (DI612) to this one. My only comment is that the dimensions for various dishwashers vary between 55cm and 57cm deep, which appeared to be that some included the thickness of the door facing and some did not. After checking the model on the SMEG website and looking at the dimensions I was happy that this was 57cm overall (including the door). Very happy with the product so far.

    Excellent Quality Dishwasher

    Excellent dishwasher that is quite straightforward to install. The instruction diagram could be more clear but it went in fine. Really pleased.

    Decent dishwasher, not without its flaws

    First things first, this dishwasher washes dishes well, and doesn’t appear to use a huge amount of electricity doing so. It is a rather simple machine, you don’t get anything fancy like an LCD showing you how long the cycle will last, or has left. You get a few lights that tell you different things about the machine, including faults, that you have to read the manual to decipher. Also conspicuously absent is a delay timer - so no running the machine when your electricity is cheap, you’ll have to do that yourself. A strange omission is these energy conscious times. The machine has some foibles too. The installation instructions are a series of pictures, no text whatsoever. Crucial to know is that the dishwasher has two front pegs to raise it up, that can be done by hand or with a screwdriver. The rear is lifted via a clever pulley system - driven by a white screw on the bottom at the front. You’ll want a power drill with a socket bit for this, otherwise you’ll be doing it all day by hand. Mounting the front door is fairly intuitive, with some adjustment range via the top mounting points, but again you have to figure this out yourself. The machine is not the quietest either. Oh, and it expects rinse aid to be in the machine by default, and will show an error relating to it if you don’t put any in or disable it when you first use it. All in all a solid, capable, if basic dishwasher. Arguably more expensive than it ought to be (I suspect there’s an element of paying for the name here)

    Improved design

    This is my second smeg. The baskets have been redesigned to make loading and the bottom basket no longer comes past the runners. Overall performance is excellent. Very quiet and efficient machine.

    Fantastic Dishwasher

    This is great. Programme settings allow for a lower temperature quicker wash, which is great when you need your pots fast. There's a standard wash and a hotter one for hard to shift debris. That said, the standard wash is brilliant with pans and dried on food. There's plenty space for 6 servings and special fittings that hold wine glasses really well. The cutlery box has a 'lid' you can use to stop special cutlery being in together, reducing the risk of scratching. I'm really happy with this purchase, it's saving me loads of time.

    All good

    The dishwasher seems fine, so far, I put dirty dishes in and clean ones come out. It has a good selection of programs, I'm finding using the eco setting generally suits our family needs. The dishwasher seems quite well made and was relatively easy to install.