Customer Reviews — Indesit Fully Integrated Standard Dishwasher - White with Fixed Door Fixing Kit - F Rated

Customer Reviews — Indesit Fully Integrated Standard Dishwasher - White with Fixed Door Fixing Kit - F Rated

Indesit DIE2B19UK Fully Integrated Standard Dishwasher - White Control Panel with Fixed Door Fixing Kit - F Rated
  • 13 place settings - great for medium-sized households
  • Push & Go button immediately starts an everyday cycle
  • 28 minute quick wash - great if you're in a hurry
  • Cycle with powerful jet action removes burnt on food
  • Dimensions (cm) - H82 x W59.8 x D55.5
4.7 / 5

great dishwasher, dangerous door

we bought an integral dishwasher as having new kitchen fitted, dishwasher itself is fine but the door springs back up hard if u don't hold it down!! so u can only load it with one hand whilst you hold door with another, i actually caught my hand in it a few times i dont know why it does this ? but could be dangerous, then If you pull both tracks out at once the dishwasher actually tips forward! i know it's because integral needs the plinth to stop this but im waiting for the kitchen to be fitted so it's just sitting freestyle at the minute. think this should be put as a warning on the front of machine. other than that it's very quiet and washes perfectly on eco wash which is only 1hr 25 mins!
lisa worrall

Very poor and disappointing dishwasher

This dishwasher was bought in December 2020 - I would describe it as poor and we are so disappointed. We have a normal sized dinner service but there are only 9 slots in the bottom shelf where a dinner plate can actually fit. The gaps are so narrow and the 'spikes' so sharply angled that you can only use every other slot unless you are using the smallest, thinnest tea plates. Some of the slots seem to be twisted so that items will not stay in place and slide out. The bottom shelf comes off the runners and twists round so that it won't slide back in - you have to remember to fill the back row before the front otherwise the weight pulls the front of the shelf off the runners and you have to empty the front slots to get the shelf back into position. Very frustrating and annoying. Not recommended - I would never again buy this Indesit dishwasher.
Mrs Sheila Roberts

Good value and good cleaning. Need to drill pilot holes for fitting door panel.

Arrived as expected, although the ETA kept changing and then changed from 1:15-2hrs' time to 45 mins just as the doorbell went. Easy to install, except the final screws that I was expected to self tap into a granite worktop, I think not! Also the connections onto the front panel were self tapping screws and no way were they going in without some guide drill holes. The front panel went on easily with the guide holes drilled and with the unit raised up tight into the worktop it's secure enough. The side buffers are almost pointless. As for washing, changed the hard water setting, filled the salt container and it's washing really nicely. Bit more awkward to load sideways, rather than back to front, but things fit in pretty well. Would be good if it auto restarted if you open the door mid wash and re-close, rather than having to press go again and shut the door inside 5 seconds, but we'll get used to that. If it lasts and keeps washing the dishes to these standards I'll be happy as a lot cheaper than the Bosch items I was looking at and seems to perform just as well.
Jim Harley

Decent features and performance for the money.

I've had the dishwasher a couple of weeks and overall I'm pleased. That could in part be due to the fact that after my previous dishwasher broke down, I went without one for 6 months. After an extended period of washing dishes by hand for a family of 5, anything would be an improvement. Pros - It was reasonably easy to install. There are 3 adjustable legs, 2 at the front which can be adjusted with a spanner and 1 at the back which can also be adjusted from the front via a turn-key system. This made it fairly painless to raise to the necessary height after pushing it under the coutner. The top rack inside is heigh-adjustable, making it more flexible with regards to the size of items that can fit on each level. Need to wash Alan Partridge's big plate? No problem, just raise the top rack and in it goes without stopping the spinning spray arm. It's very quiet - when I first set it going I wasn't sure it was working until I opened the door. Washing performance seems decent, but there are a lot of other factors to this, including which detergent you use and how you stack the plates, so let's just say your mileage may vary. Cons - I can't get the "Eco" program to work. I don't know if it's a fault or if I'm doing something wrong, but it just beeps at me and never starts. I installed the cupboard door on the front using the drill guide, but it hangs slightly lower than the other doors in my kitchen, so I recommend double-checking before you drill any holes. I could adjust it easily enough but realistically that's a low-priority job in my house, so it will probably remain like that. Overall, I would recommend the dishwasher, but with that in mind I did do some research before making my purchase, and the vast majority of these items are only superficially different, or re-badged units from the same few factories in Turkey, Poland or China. Most of the companies you might recognise from the past are now subsidiaries of larger distributors in those countries, and in this price range, there's very little to choose between them.

Great machine but watch out fir the door closing

Great dishwasher at a competitive price with super cleaning results. The only drawback is the door is very tightly sprung and closes unless the lower rack is weighing it down.

Overall a good product but a few snags to watch for

The product itself is fine, I'm only one person so it's a decent enough size. I could see how if you have a family it could fill up relatively quickly, so something to think about if you have a large household. It didn't come with the door fixing kit so I've had to contact AO to get one sent (spoke to a lovely person from their customer service line), but now my installer won't be able to install the door for several weeks. Wish it was sent with all the parts as it has been quite a significant inconvenience. Others haven't seemed to have the same problem so it might be a one-off occurrence but I still wanted to mention it in case you're on a tight schedule with your kitchen fitter as I am.

Great value for money

Very pleased with this product simple to use and great cleaning

Happy customer

Swift and accurate purchase and delivery + So far so good on the dishwasher, only been installed a few days but works fine. Just so you know ( as it was important for me as had a tight base cupboard to get it in ) the actual width of this product is more like 590 - 595 so plenty of leeway. Also i got a call from AO to check I actually realised it was an integrated product and needed door furniture , before they delivered it. I knew this but I was impressed they went to the effort to check.