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Customer Reviews — Hoover Dynamic Next 10Kg Washing Machine - White - A+++ Rated

Customer Reviews — Hoover Dynamic Next 10Kg Washing Machine - White - A+++ Rated

Hoover Dynamic Next DLOA4103 10Kg Washing Machine with 1400 rpm - White - A+++ Rated
  • 10kg drum capacity - great for large households
  • Automatically adjusts settings to take care of clothes
  • Hygiene+ and 90 degree cycles help kill germs
  • Control your appliance with an Android smartphone app
  • Dimensions (cm) - H85 x W60 x D54
4.6 / 5

Answer to my prayers.

This machine is the best one I’ve ever had! It’s so easy to use, simple to change the temp/spin. It’s got a large drum that fits so much in, just trying to find places to dry everything now. It looks really smart too. Super happy with this. :)

Far cheaper than other machines, but just as good; if not better!

I was so impressed with this machine. It is so simple to use and the "one touch" feature (connecting the machine to the mobile app) is brilliant. The one thing you do need to know, is that the spin is POWERFUL!!! We have a slightly older kitchen and have had to make sure that units and shelves are secure, because the vibrations of the machine can cause things to move. We have moved the machine out a little to prevent this a little (we experienced this with the last machine too, as we have fairly old floorboards in the kitchen). A solid floor would probably mean that you wouldn't get any of the associated vibrations. The size of the drum was the selling point. Other "higher end" brands were offering a 9kg drum for more money. The 10kg drum is amazing! With two adults and three children, it is easy to fill, but we have now had to buy a bigger washing line. I would fully recommend this machine! One addition note: When the item was delivered, there was a piece of corrugated plastic (which was very obviously not intended to me thrown away and had instructions on it). This plastic is to be put on the bottom of the machine. I wondered why this couldn't be done during manufacture. The point became clear when I put it on BEFORE removing the transit bolts. Once the transit bolts are removed, 4 large plastic washer/tubes fall from the inside of the machine. If you put the corrugated plastic on first, then these plastic parts are inside the machine and cause noises when the machine is on. The instructions quite clearly say to put the plastic sheet in place AFTER, but I didn't realise why. Needless to say, the plastic sheet was removed, the plastic components were removed and the sheet replaced. Lesson: follow the instructions in sequence. :-) The corrugated sheet was very easy to remove without breaking the plastic clips, so if you do forget, it isn't the end of the world; or difficult, to rectify. The OA delivery agents were brilliant!! They delivered to the space and I plumbed it in. It is very simple to do, just thread the water hose from the water outlet to the space for the appliance and connect. Repeat this for the waste pipe. If the distance between the water source and waste is too far to do this, pass the pipes through (whilst disconnected from the supply and waste) connect them to the machine and then move the machine in to the space gradually, pulling the pipe through as you go to prevent kinking etc. (You may also need to do this with the power cable) We have lino on the floor, and some machines have feet that catch the material, the feet on this machine were really good and didnt cause any problems with the line. All in all, a very good machine, at a fraction of the cost of so called "superior" brands. I would not hesitate to buy this again or to recommend.

Great washing machine

Great washing machine, really gets things clean. The drum is so large it takes almost anything.

Dynamic clean ffrom Hoover

The Hoover Dynamic Next is a washing machine worth considering. It has all the great cycles you need st a touch. The 10k load is great for duvets and double loads! There is a steam setting for easy ironing. It cleans really well & has a fairly quite spin. I love this washing machine!

Good replacement

Just purchased this washing machine as had old Hoover machine years this one washes faster and spins alot better easy to use panel plenty of functions for all types of washing over all im very happy with machine and would recommend it


Initial view is that this is sleak and fits nicely. The one-touch feature for phones can only really be used on the latest phones due to technology changes.


We purchased this model because at the time we had a very limited budget. It looked promising at first, but we're now at the point where we've contacted AO to discuss returning it. The main problem we're having is that the machine does not always spin properly leaving washing saturated (dripping wet) at the end of the wash. The problem is inconsistent and happens across any program. It doesn't do it every time though. We've had an engineer look at the machine and they confirmed there was nothing wrong with the machine and that the problem we were experiencing is due to an internal sensor detecting an unbalanced load and therefore preventing a full spin. It's apparently new technology to make machines safer??? Our issue with this is that the loads we're placing in the machine are exactly in keeping with the manufacturers recommendations (and 30 years of previous washing experience) and should not be causing an unbalanced load. Basically it looks as though the sensing technology is far too sensitive. The other problem is that the child-lock function appears to be extremely temperamental. To lock the machine you have to place two fingers on two touch-control buttons simultaneously. Sounds simple, but in practice it can take multiple attempts (sometimes many times) to activate the lock. Meanwhile if you don't touch the two buttons exactly right, you mess up the wash program, which by now has automatically started. Poor design! Our final issue is just to warn you that the WiFi functionality does NOT fully support Apple IOS devices, whereas Android is supported fully. This is NOT clear in the advertising.

Does the job but the app integration doesn't work.

I'm pleased with the washing machine overall. The 10kg drum is really useful for getting loads of washing done at once. The machine is easy to use and does the job. The one issue I've found so far is that the app integration just doesn't work. I had read on other reviews that it only works on Android which was fine as I have an android phone. However the instructions which came with the machine don't match the screens you actually see in the app and the app just doesn't pick up the washing machine using the NFC as it should. That means that there is no link between the app and the machine so all that extra functionality is lost.