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Customer Reviews — Hoover Dynamic Next 10Kg Washing Machine - White - A+++ Rated

Customer Reviews — Hoover Dynamic Next 10Kg Washing Machine - White - A+++ Rated

Hoover Dynamic Next DLOA4103 10Kg Washing Machine with 1400 rpm - White - A+++ Rated
  • 10kg drum capacity - great for large households
  • Automatically adjusts settings to take care of clothes
  • Hygiene+ and 90 degree cycles help kill germs
  • Control your appliance with an Android smartphone app
  • Dimensions (cm) - H85 x W60 x D54
4.6 / 5


We purchased this model because at the time we had a very limited budget. It looked promising at first, but we're now at the point where we've contacted AO to discuss returning it. The main problem we're having is that the machine does not always spin properly leaving washing saturated (dripping wet) at the end of the wash. The problem is inconsistent and happens across any program. It doesn't do it every time though. We've had an engineer look at the machine and they confirmed there was nothing wrong with the machine and that the problem we were experiencing is due to an internal sensor detecting an unbalanced load and therefore preventing a full spin. It's apparently new technology to make machines safer??? Our issue with this is that the loads we're placing in the machine are exactly in keeping with the manufacturers recommendations (and 30 years of previous washing experience) and should not be causing an unbalanced load. Basically it looks as though the sensing technology is far too sensitive. The other problem is that the child-lock function appears to be extremely temperamental. To lock the machine you have to place two fingers on two touch-control buttons simultaneously. Sounds simple, but in practice it can take multiple attempts (sometimes many times) to activate the lock. Meanwhile if you don't touch the two buttons exactly right, you mess up the wash program, which by now has automatically started. Poor design! Our final issue is just to warn you that the WiFi functionality does NOT fully support Apple IOS devices, whereas Android is supported fully. This is NOT clear in the advertising.


It’s true what they say in that ‘you get what you pay for’. The detergent drawer and program dial are extremely flimsy (very cheap plastic). Whilst this machine seems to wash okay, it lacks key programs such as towels and bedding etc. Also, the manual child-lock feathure is a nightmare! This feature is touch control and if you don’t press two buttons simultaneously and get it bang-on, you completely mess up the program and by this time the machine has started its program. Really bad design. The audible end of wash notification is a waste of space as it simply cannot be heard beyond a few feet from the washer. Finally, after over a week since emailing Hoover customer services, I am still waiting for any form of response as I can’t get the WiFi feature to work! Not impressed. Finallly finally, it’s important for you to understand that the ‘app’ is only fully suppressed by Android. It does work with Apple OS but only very basic cut-back pointless features.

4 days old and leaking

This product has everything on paper, large drum, gadgets and apps to control for convenience,but....The build quality is very poor. Ours has already started to leak from the bottom after only 4 days. I know they're not built like they used to but surely built to last longer than a long weekend. Frustrating to receive an item and instantly have trouble and time consuming troubleshooting and ringing for help etc

Very noisy

Machine is very noisy and bangs about on spin cycle. I don't expect it to last long.

Terrible, don’t bother

What a big mistake I made buying this machine. I bought it for 2 main reasons: 1 - the drum size, can’t fault it perfect. 2 - one touch control by my mobile phone - load of rubbish, I can’t control it from my phone as I don’t have NFC - never heard of it ? No neither have I. Apparently it’s the software that the app runs on and your phone must be NFC compatible - there are very few phones that are so I can’t use the function at all. iPhone doesn’t have NFC so I’m screwed but they fail to tell you all this before you buy it. Also it’s very plastic and poor build quality. Just whilst I was unpacking it the front display screen pushed through. Poped it back in but not the point. The soap draw is tiny, the machine in general just feels plastic and cheap. Avoid this at all cost.

Its ok

I dont use alot of the cycles on offer ,just need a 40 min cycle with a 1400 spin with a 40 degree temp.Alot of the cycles are 60 degree so to start a wash i have to change the temp ,change the spin which i cant always do, so i have to wait for the cycle to finish then put it on a 1400 spin.My least favourite machine ever due to the cycle choice.

Not to bad

First machine delivered wouldn't spin, got exchanged with no hassle, new machine is fine, has to be exactly level otherwise spin vibration is bad, quite noisy, big drum though and 59 minute wash is used for most of washing, have to adjust spin speed from default 1000 to 1400 every time which is not an issue. Haven't bothered with phone app !

Hoover washing machine

Reasonable build quality for price, unfortunately not the quietest when running.