Customer Reviews — V7 Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with up to 30 Minutes Run Time

Customer Reviews — V7 Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with up to 30 Minutes Run Time

V7 Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with up to 30 Minutes Run Time
  • Up to 30 minutes run time from a single charge
  • Bristles work hard to remove stubborn, ground-in dirt
  • Nifty tool makes it easy to reach under sofas and beds
  • Cyclones separate air and dust for powerful cleaning
  • Lightweight - great for cleaning from room to room
4.9 / 5


Battery lasts only 7.5 minutes at full charge. Like a race against time to do the house! Complained.

not worth the price: here's the pro and cons

I'm honestly not very please with the product. For the price I was expecting more. CONS 1. The capacity of the bin is very small. 2. When you open the bin the dirt goes everywhere. 3. when the extension is not attached the dirt comes out from the tube and you have to hoover it again. 3. The engine throw air out and moves the pet hair (birds feathers etc) when you use it without the extension. 4. to keep it on you have to keep pushing the "trigger". it a little bit tiring. PRO 1. It's very light 2. it charges quite quickly 3. with the turbo option it's quite powerful. In conclusion for the same prize i could have bought a better vacuum cleaner.

Good & Bad

Pros - Cleans well Cons - battery only last 15 minutes using max suction Can’t upgrade battery

Everything clicks together nicely

I like the parts of this vacuum that clicks into place. I like the fact that the bin does not hold the filter inside the bin and it is separate from the bin area. It is easy to empty the bin. I was a bit confused with the max slider the powerful suction because it was facing towards the clear round circle marker when I first received the vacuum and it took about 6 or so mins before the blue light blinked to tell me to charge the vacuum..I then realized the max mode slider should have been on the right side facing the black circle marker so the vacuum would vacuum a lot longer as the stated 20 to 30 minutes normal vacuuming. It's a shame that the 6 mins powerful suction didn't last as long as the max mode but I suppose maybe the battery wouldn't take the strain or heat. I like the docking station on my wall which is great. Nice design


standard suction power is not strong but enought. Max suction is great but only use for a few mins.

Dyson hand held - pretty good overall.

Reluctant at first as our previous Dyson was not great but the weight was right compared to others. Also, was not looking forward to using this as it came with a ""dead man's switch" by which the trigger had to be pressed down all the time in use. When we got it, I was impressed with the easy way the fittings were attached and came off. The suction is great as is the docking station. Cleaned the 2m x 1.5 m doormat. The dirt it got out would have filled a coffee mug. The trigger thing is not an issue. Pleased with it as good value for money. 2 year guarantee as well.
Barrie Davis

Lightweight , great suction

Good suction and lightweight. First dyson cordless and am pleased. Was torn between this and the shark but very pleased for price and quality. Only downside is battery when running on full power but still sufficient for my household

Heavier than I remember

A bit heavier than I expected- those people hoovering the coving on the advert must have stroke biceps! Also had forgotten how annoying it is to have to hold the switch down