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Customer Reviews — De'Longhi Eletta Cappuccino ECAM44.660.B Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Black

Customer Reviews — De'Longhi Eletta Cappuccino ECAM44.660.B Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Black

De'Longhi Eletta Cappuccino ECAM44.660.B Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Black
  • Compatible with coffee beans or ground coffee
  • Save the settings for your favourite drinks
  • Holds up to 400g of coffee beans
  • Create indulgent creamy drinks at the touch of a button
  • Cup warmer gently heats your cups for the perfect drink
4.8 / 5

De'Longhi Eletta Cappuccino ECAM44.660.B Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Black

Looking at the aesthetics of the machine, it’s quite a big machine but I don’t mind as it looks nice and modern which appeals to me. On the top of the machine it has a cup warmer on the top but I don’t feel a great deal of heat from it and couldn’t imagine it actually warming a mug. The coffee dispensing nozzle is adjustable which is great for different size cups and better than other machines I’ve used that have a fixed dispenser making variation of cup sizes an issue. The milk container has a self-clean function that works on the turn of a switch so very user friendly and is useful as it would be hard to clean otherwise and be confident all the milk wasn’t spoiling the internal mechanics. The changeable nozzle allows for hot water, which you simply pull off and replace, interchangeable with the milk attachment. The machine takes about 1 minute to heat up which isn’t too long at all and aside from the grinding of the beans the machine is quite silent which is good for early morning starts as to not wake anyone else in the house up. It can do 1 or 2 cups at the same time and you can change the strength of the coffee and volume of water using the settings, although all the preset measures of water are far too little for what I like in a coffee. The machine self-cleans at the start every time you turn it on which is good but do need to capture the water in a cup or the drip tray will fill up very quickly. It also performs the clean when the machine is switched off. Different types of coffee are available, from Latte to strong, long black coffee giving an option for everyone and the ability to set auto on and off is handy for mornings so the machine is ready as and when you want it, but the machine really doesn’t take long to heat up so maybe a bit of an unnecessary feature. The machine can take whole bean or ground beans for variation and smells great in the house when using the whole beans. The hot water nozzle is a great feature for tea or adding coffee to your drink but frustrating as it splashes when it comes out and goes on the surfaces but not long enough to put within the mug to try and stop this from happening. Trying to adjust the ‘length’ of the coffee for me didn’t work even though I followed the instructions exactly which was really frustrating as it uses your coffee each time without result. Another slight frustration is that every button pressed starts a coffee which is annoying when you’re trying to learn the machine, but appreciate once I am fully confident with it that may be a positive. I was attempting to make a coffee on one occasion and when the water needed refilling it didn’t register and notify me, so I was pressing to make coffee and it was using coffee but with not result and still not notification of the issue. I could see the dry coffee in the bin area in piles which confirmed what was happening and so added more water, however on another occasion I did get a notification to say the water needed refilling. I tried making cappuccinos with the milk attachment but even on the highest level of froth on the milk setting the result was rather disappointing and nothing like the picture suggested. This was the functionality I was most excited about and the fact the machine titles itself as a ‘cappuccino machine’ let me down quite a lot. The coffee dispense area where the used coffee is stored is neat and tidy and keeps the machine looking smart within the centre of the machine without being on show and very easy to remove and clean. Overall I think the machine is good and the fresh bean coffee produced is very enjoyable, but was disappointed with the milk featured coffees and the complexity of the functions. I’m not sure if the complication of the machine and amount of features would put me off choosing a machine like this again, with the milk options of the machine not living up to expectations.

De'Longhi Elleta Cappuccino Machine Review

The De'Longhi Eletta Cappuccino Machine is an impressive coffee making machine. It can make various types of coffee from Lattes to Flat Whites and the infamous cappuccino. The adjustable coffee nozzle means you can use any preferred sized cup. Along with the adjustable nozzle the machine has various coffee strength and coffee amount settings so it can cater for any coffee lover! The machine can be used with whole coffee beans or pre-ground coffee. When using coffee beans the coffee fan can choose how fine the beans are ground (I personally use ground setting 5).Once ground the coffee is put through an infuser then disposed of within an internal compartment (which is easy to clean). I have tried both settings and they work perfectly. There is an amazing function which allows you to personalise you milk preference. You can create really frothy cappuccinos to milky lattes. Trust me when I say this that the milk settings are AMAZING! The milk carafe that comes with the machine works amazingly well and it can be detached from the machine and left in the fridge. When prompted, the machine tells you to clean the milk nozzle after use and this can splash hot water on your worktop so I use an empty cup, and place it under the nozzle. This reduces the splash dramatically. I love the flat white coffee it makes and I am in the process of learning how to use the machines 'auto-start' feature. It would a real treat to wake up with a pre-made coffee, ready and waiting to be drunk, in these autumnal mornings. Improvements needed for me are. - A warmer/hotter cup warmer - Less mess when it self cleans - Correct milk and coffee amounts when making Cappuccinos (I used 'extra long coffee' setting and it made me half a cup of coffee.) Overall I love the machine, although their are a few features I feel need improving. It makes GREAT coffee and I really like the milk menu option. I would recommend buying good coffee beans as I have used a cheaper alternative and the coffee doesn't taste as good.

Great coffee from an excellent product

As a coffee lover, I was keen to find out the options available for customizing my coffee on this machine. This machine didn't fail to impress; I was able to pick the type of espresso I wanted (short, long etc), select my strength, cup size and also adjust the grind to my own preference. It's great that you can use either whole or ground beans, so it doesn't limit your choice of coffee. Due to my busy lifestyle, I really appreciated the fact that I could set the timer so make my coffee for me in the morning - a great start to the day as we head into the dark, cold mornings of winter! The milk settings are also impressive - being able to range from lattes to cappuccinos means that I can cater for my friends' preferences. In terms of cleaning, the machine is very intuitive and tells you when various elements need changing/cleaning/topping up - so maintenance of the machine is simple. Areas of improvement for me would be the instructions and the warmth of the coffee. The instructions are rather complicated, so when I unpacked the box I was a little overwhelmed with the amount of steps it seemed to take to set up the machine. In reality, it was actually very simple. Also, although it's nice that you can drink the coffee straight after you've made it, it would be nice to have it slightly hotter so that I could take it on my commute to work. Overall, this is a great product and offers a variety of features that will suit any preference for coffee. Would definitely recommend to a friend.

Amazing Coffee Machine

I love coffee but I've found that machines I've had in the past never quite seemed to allow me to get the taste I was looking for. While I'm not a coffee obsessive, I love the fresh barista taste found in the high street coffee chains but was never able to recreate it at home. With this machine I can buy quality coffee beans to the strength I like (a medium roast) and then adjust how the beans are ground (according to their size), the temperature of the water (I like it pretty hot), how you like your milk as well as the size of the drink (I like a good mug of coffee without it being too strong). I was very happy with the results and can safely say its the best machine i've had. It makes my two favourite drinks very well - a standard Americano and a Latte. Given the flexibility of this machine, I'm pretty sure you will be able to customise the settings to get the taste you want. When opening the box, the instructions may appear overwhelming, but they are actually pretty easy to follow and it's not long before you are up and running making your first coffee. The included milk carafe is easy to use too - its great you can remove it and keep it in the fridge. Another favourite feature is the auto timer, so you can have the machine set to turn on in the morning so its ready to make your coffee. If I was to mention some negatives, I felt that the metal drip tray scratches a little too easily when placing cups on it but this doesn't really bother me. I want a machine which I find myself using regularly and not standing in a corner sparkling because its not used often. The other thing is that it seems to regularly rinse itself, passig hot water into the drip tray. This happens when it is switched on and when it sleeps. If you're not careful, the tray will eventually overflow. I actually keep a mug there so it just feels that and I can easily empty that without pulling the whole tray out. Whilst this may seem annoying, keeping coffee machines clean can be a hassle and this goes some way to helping it stay clean.

Delicious Coffee at the press of a button

If you're looking for a machine that can be programmed to make the perfect coffee then this is for you. On first opening and reading through the instructions it all seems quite daunting! But after taking some time to read through things, it’s actually pretty simply. This is a neat and user friendly machine, waiting to do all the coffee-making hard work for you. The hardest part was deciding what coffee to make first! There are options for length and strength of coffee, as well as a milk menu and dial for froth amount. We spent some time making a few different coffees before programming in our preferred one. Once you've programmed this in, your coffee really is quick and easy to make each morning. The digital menu system on the control panel is simple to navigate and this really is a machine that caters to all types of coffee lovers. From espresso’s when you’re on the go, to longer drinks, and a range of milky coffees. This machine has automatic programmes for Cafe Lattes, Macchiatos, Flat whites and of course, the Cappuccino.

Very good price ,very good product

Would recommend this product absolutely ,my son tried to get one but you were sold out

perfect every time

easy to use to get just the right coffee every time for everyone

A great coffee machine

The delonghi bean to Cup makes a really good coffee.