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    Customer Reviews — De'Longhi Eletta Cappuccino ECAM44.660.B Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Black

    Customer Reviews — De'Longhi Eletta Cappuccino ECAM44.660.B Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Black

    De'Longhi Eletta Cappuccino ECAM44.660.B Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Black
    Save £536
    Was £965
    • Compatible with coffee beans or ground coffee
    • Save the settings for your favourite drinks
    • Holds up to 400g of coffee beans
    • Create indulgent creamy drinks at the touch of a button
    • Cup warmer gently heats your cups for the perfect drink
    4.8 / 5


    Black coffee was nice. Unfortunately the milk was tepid at best even with temp set to maximum. Unit was returned and replaced for another model.

    Great machine but sometimes crashes

    It's a very good machine and tastes amazing since the few weeks I've owned. A couple of occasions it has stalled and cut out and have to turn plug on and off but hopefully this gets better with time.

    De'Longhi Eletta Cappuccino ECAM44.660.B Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Black

    Looking at the aesthetics of the machine, it’s quite a big machine but I don’t mind as it looks nice and modern which appeals to me. On the top of the machine it has a cup warmer on the top but I don’t feel a great deal of heat from it and couldn’t imagine it actually warming a mug. The coffee dispensing nozzle is adjustable which is great for different size cups and better than other machines I’ve used that have a fixed dispenser making variation of cup sizes an issue. The milk container has a self-clean function that works on the turn of a switch so very user friendly and is useful as it would be hard to clean otherwise and be confident all the milk wasn’t spoiling the internal mechanics. The changeable nozzle allows for hot water, which you simply pull off and replace, interchangeable with the milk attachment. The machine takes about 1 minute to heat up which isn’t too long at all and aside from the grinding of the beans the machine is quite silent which is good for early morning starts as to not wake anyone else in the house up. It can do 1 or 2 cups at the same time and you can change the strength of the coffee and volume of water using the settings, although all the preset measures of water are far too little for what I like in a coffee. The machine self-cleans at the start every time you turn it on which is good but do need to capture the water in a cup or the drip tray will fill up very quickly. It also performs the clean when the machine is switched off. Different types of coffee are available, from Latte to strong, long black coffee giving an option for everyone and the ability to set auto on and off is handy for mornings so the machine is ready as and when you want it, but the machine really doesn’t take long to heat up so maybe a bit of an unnecessary feature. The machine can take whole bean or ground beans for variation and smells great in the house when using the whole beans. The hot water nozzle is a great feature for tea or adding coffee to your drink but frustrating as it splashes when it comes out and goes on the surfaces but not long enough to put within the mug to try and stop this from happening. Trying to adjust the ‘length’ of the coffee for me didn’t work even though I followed the instructions exactly which was really frustrating as it uses your coffee each time without result. Another slight frustration is that every button pressed starts a coffee which is annoying when you’re trying to learn the machine, but appreciate once I am fully confident with it that may be a positive. I was attempting to make a coffee on one occasion and when the water needed refilling it didn’t register and notify me, so I was pressing to make coffee and it was using coffee but with not result and still not notification of the issue. I could see the dry coffee in the bin area in piles which confirmed what was happening and so added more water, however on another occasion I did get a notification to say the water needed refilling. I tried making cappuccinos with the milk attachment but even on the highest level of froth on the milk setting the result was rather disappointing and nothing like the picture suggested. This was the functionality I was most excited about and the fact the machine titles itself as a ‘cappuccino machine’ let me down quite a lot. The coffee dispense area where the used coffee is stored is neat and tidy and keeps the machine looking smart within the centre of the machine without being on show and very easy to remove and clean. Overall I think the machine is good and the fresh bean coffee produced is very enjoyable, but was disappointed with the milk featured coffees and the complexity of the functions. I’m not sure if the complication of the machine and amount of features would put me off choosing a machine like this again, with the milk options of the machine not living up to expectations.

    So impressed, who needs a coffee shop?!

    Love our new coffee machine, we have used it several times a day as you have instant hot water for a cup of tea too, we havent used the kettle for weeks! Easy to set up and understand, the whole family can use it including the kids! Only negative for me is that milky drinks like the latte aren't quite hot enough as you can only make the coffee hotter and not the milk. However it is still hot enough to enjoy. Just needs drinking straight away. So impressed with this, really glad we chose this one.

    Coffee review

    Great and easy machine to use, only one issue is that the milk isn’t as warm as I’d like it to be, but that’s because I prefer the milk to be hotter than normal.

    Great product

    Exactly what I wanted. The machine is quite noisy which I had read in other reviews, but I don't have anything to compare it too; so unsure how noisy it is compared to other machines. Plenty of options for different types of coffees. Good that the milk container can be removed and stored in the fridge and when it's not there, the little spout is available for hot water.

    Fantastic machine

    Once it’s setup it’s fantastic, makes great tasting coffee and the espressos even have a nice crema on top which is a pleasant surprise. Setup was a bit difficult with a few error messages and I wish it could go a bit hotter on the hot water, but overall it’s a fantastic machine at a great price. I would highly recommend.

    Makes great coffee

    Coffee quality is very good, coffee puks aren't small so not wasting coffee. Good compact milk holder. Only issue was the ink printing on the display. When the protective plastic was pulled off it took some of the button ink off. I got the replacement and the same happened. Maybe a faulty batch. AO sorted it out in the end.