Customer Reviews — Vax Dual Power Pet ECR2V1P Carpet Cleaner

Customer Reviews — Vax Dual Power Pet ECR2V1P Carpet Cleaner

Vax Dual Power Pet ECR2V1P Carpet Cleaner
Save £29
Was £149
  • 2.7L clean water capacity, 1.5L dirty water capacity
  • Brush bar rotates to effectively lift out dirt
  • 800 Watt power output
  • Lightweight - great for cleaning from room to room
  • 10.4 metre reach lets you clean large spaces
4.6 / 5

Poor performance

Ok product, but noisy and leaves carpets very wet! For the amount of water it uses very little dirty water sucked up! Feel a little disappointed
Jemma West

Easy to use.

Left the carpets a bit wetter than I anticipated. One carpet took over 24 hours.

wish I hadn't bought it

I said I would never buy a vax again but somehow managed to do it. Washes well but almost impossible to clean the head. Triedhose, pressure washer and soaking in thebath. Ifanyone else know how to get it cleanlet me know.

Carpet/rug saviour

We are very happy with our vax carpet cleaner , we have recently got a new puppy so to keep everything clean and fresh it was ideal
Pat bradley

Good performance for the price

Only used it once so far, so please remember that. It works really well on light dirt, especially with the pre-treatment. It goes through the detergent like it's going out of fashion, so that could end up being expensive if you use it a lot but the results were good. On par with a brand you can hire from certain supermarkets and DIY stores. The machine itself is quite loud bit not unbearably so, it also feels a bit flimsy but I can live with that, for the price and that it's not going to be used all the time. Takes a while for the carpets to dry - I kept going with the suction until I could see no more water being sucked up but it still took overnight for the carpets to dry, so if speed is your thing, this may not be for you, but the carpets were only slightly damp afterwards, anyway, so not really a massive problem unless it's a high traffic part of the house. Shaun, though, when you see the dirt it removes, it's worth it.

Speedy delivery

Cleans well, long lead, doesn't soak the carpets, a bit noisy. Overall a good price for the product.

Easy to use & good price

Easy to use - so far seems to be doing a decent job of cleaning our carpets.

Good cleaner

Excellent cleaner, impressed with carpets after. Hose attachment cleans better than upright vacuum mode and seems to use the water quickly but you can see the results.