Customer Reviews — Tefal Oleoclean Compact FR701640 Fryer - Silver

Customer Reviews — Tefal Oleoclean Compact FR701640 Fryer - Silver

Tefal Oleoclean Compact FR701640 Fryer - Silver
  • Has an 800g food capacity
  • Easily adjust the temperature to suit your meal
  • Area beneath element stays cool to limit cooking odours
  • Drains, cleans and stores oil so it can be used again
  • Components are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
4.8 / 5

Easy to clean, easy to use

It's worked just fine for us so far. I like that you can reuse and store the oil and the unit is fairly light which is nice.

Great frier and so easy to clean

Fries well and so easy to clean. The auto oil filter and drain is great too.

Great product

Easy to use, easy to clean. Ok once you have used it, wait for it to cool down, filter the oil into the bottom container and plonk all the bits(except the heating element and controller obviously) in the dishwasher and's like new again. Great product
James Jackson

Fantastic product

The oil box system is excellent. Dishwasher safe parts makes it very easy to clean. Very happy

Clever thing

Compared to other chip fryers I think this one is the best , because of the clever technology to be able flick a switch and leave it to cool down and after a couple of hours it will strane the oil by it's self with no mess much easier .
Tefal Oleoclean Compact chip fryer .

Frying back

I had previously owned this fryer's big brother about 15 years agqo. Whilst the Pro has a bigger capacity, timer and beeps when it hits temp, this iffy biddy fryer works for us now, not so many in the house. The auto drain is simple and effective and as, the bowl isn't coated like most, you can really go to town without worrying about causing any damage., The only issue I've ever had it what to do with the lid when it's hot as it's recommended to remove from whilst you allow food tutorial drain.

Good value

Only had this for a couple of weeks but used it several times already. Like the ease of use - very easy to clean, much more so than any other fryer we've had. The automatic filter makes the process easy and so we tend to wash in the dishwasher after each use, which avoids build-up of oil on the component parts. Some people have said that the oil store spills easily but I haven't found this a problem. Also heats up very quickly.

Easy clean

This fryer is best suited to 1 or 2 people I’ve previously used a smaller one, but it didn’t give the food enough room. But I bought this one as you can filter the oil and clean everything easily .a good decision.
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