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    Customer Reviews — LG V7 9Kg / 6Kg Washer Dryer - White - E Rated

    Customer Reviews — LG V7 9Kg / 6Kg Washer Dryer - White - E Rated

    LG V7 FWV796WTSE Wifi Connected 9Kg / 6Kg Washer Dryer with 1400 rpm - White - E Rated
    Save £50
    Was £699
    • 9kg wash, 6kg dry - great for medium-sized households
    • Sensors analyse fabrics and adjust settings to match
    • Automatically adjusts settings to take care of clothes
    • TurboWash™ reduces wash time, saving energy and water
    • Dimensions (cm) - H85 x W60 x D55
    4.7 / 5

    LG V7 FWV796STSE Washer-Dryer in Graphite - Usability Issues

    Pros: 1. A beautiful looking machine which matches my chocolate brown and beige fitted kitchen well. 2. Its automatic drying cycle dries incredibly well and takes much less time than my previous Washer-Dryer. 3. It has an extensive range of washing cycles plus extra ones to download. 4. I cannot complain so far at the standard and efficiency of washing and drying. 5. Because of its smaller depth, the machine fits more snugly under the work surface. Cons: 1. The main problem is the poor usability of the controls and the manual. This is due to the control panel being difficult to read through insufficient contrast (black words printed on the 'graphite' colour), lack of illumination of buttons on the touch pad, and dual purpose buttons. The manual is written more like a book than an instruction manual with only one 13cm wide and 3.8cm high diagram of the control panel. In addition, some of the display graphics were not explained in the manual at all. 2. Because the controls couldn't be seen properly, at first I couldn't connect the machine to my Wi-Fi. I only solved this when I dowloaded the PDF version of the manual (which is the same as the one that comes with the machine) and made an extra large print-out of the panel on paper (now laminated). I could then see the Wi-Fi button. I recommend other users do this and also buy the machine in a white colour. 3. Eventually connecting my machine to my Wi-Fi and installing the LG ThinQ app enabled me to run the wash and dry cycles from the app which is a lot clearer than the control panel on the machine. There are also extra cycles that can be individually dowloaded. However, some extras I find I can only run by using the control panel on the machine not in the app - for example, the Pre-Wash and Intensive Wash which are confusingly on the same button on the machine itself.


    Washes well, drys better than I thought (just don’t overload) and looks pretty sexy.

    Washer dryer

    Amazing washer dryer, & it does special quick wash’s, when something is needed to be clean urgently

    Great on every level

    Never had a washer dryer before but we're short on space so decided to invest. Wow, this model ticks all the boxes: *Good looking - sleek and stylish *Good range of programmes, and if you don't see the one you want you can download one using the App! It has an app! *Quiet from start to finish - even the dryer barely makes a noise *10 year guarantee - fantastic bonus I'm so glad we took the plunge, bye bye ancient noisy washer and even noisier dryer.


    LG FWV796 WASHING MACHINE WITH DRYER Many thanks for being given the chance to test the new LG washing machine we selected the LG FWV796WTSE Washer dryer. We purchased it from AO. com and it was delivered promptly on Saturday 7th November and was fitted in the same day . We done as advised and gave it a test run to clean out any sediment. We actually used it Monday for our first wash and have used it again since . We were delighted at how quiet and smooth it was during the cycle very impressed and we love the tune at the end to let you know it has finished a nice touch. We are also impressed with the overall finish and quality of the machine and the layout of the dials and controls at the top and there is also a great variation of different wash options on the dial . It is also a great bonus to have the dryer option within the machine as it makes it so much easier to get the clothes dry especially in the winter months. Love the nice big door at the front which makes loading up quicker and easier. The instruction books that come with it are easy to understand and very informative which is great for any one as it makes it so easy for them to work out what to do. We are still trying to sort out using the app but I am sure we will soon sort this out. This is a great machine which is environmentally friendly with an energy rating of A and I would totally recommend this machine to any one looking for a great product at a good price. It also has a 9kg wash with a 6kg dry and washes in a brilliant 14 minutes which is adequate for us and I would assume for most other families. This came at a great time as our old machine was on its last leg so we are well pleased with this machine . Thank you LG for a classy product

    Amazingly duiet & does an amazing job

    First impressions are that this is a really modern looking machine. Further investigation shows that the build quality is great and the tech just adds to the wow factor (yes, it's possible to go 'wow' over a washer dryer!). Installation is easy if you know how to use a screwdriver and spanner - LG even include the spanner. The machine isn't as deep as my previous one which is great since it actually fits without sticking out into the kitchen. I can't help but be really enthusiastic about the machine. In use, this machine is super quiet. The only real noise you hear is when it fills with water and when the drain pump runs. It's unbelievably quiet during the wash and dry cycles. Even on a spin cycle, it's barely noticeable. I'm so happy after putting up with such a noisy machine in the past! The connectivity is great, I thought it might be a bit of a gimmick as manufacturers sometimes add it as it's the in thing but on this I think it's really worth it. Using the smartphone app, you can see how many cycles that have been run and how many before you should run a cleaning cycle. There's the ability to start and pause the machine from your phone, see the remaining time and you get notified when the cycle has finished. You can also download additional programs (the machine can only store 1 at a time though) however, I'm not sure why some programs exist, e.g. the built in "Cotton" has the same parameters as "Rainy Season" which is downloadable and the same wash time (admittedly on an empty drum). I've even set it up to re-order detergent when it gets low. In my opinion, the only downside is the drying capacity is less than the washing capacity. It's not too much of an issue as I tend to chuck a load of washing in and once it's done, take out the items that can't be tumble dried anyway but you would have to be mindful of this if you were using a combined wash and dry program.

    We love it !

    As I am moving, I was looking for a nice washing machine for our new house. A washing machine that would be able to clean for the whole family’s laundry but also be able to dry it out. After some searches, I decided to purchase the LG washer-dryer FMV796WTSE, and I am very happy about it. Energy efficiency is an “A”, with a very low power consumption for the washing part, and slightly worse for the drying part. Once I received it, on the first impression, I really like the flat glass panel and the design of this model, simple and fuller ergonomic. On the plus side, the presence of an anti-allergy program and a baby stream program. Two members of our family has regular allergies, and our little one loves to dirty himself outside, so that will be helpful. On the first use, I was surprised NOT to hear the washing machine. So great! I will be able to start a program when the little one is napping. The capacity is great, enough for our family of two adults and three children. Nice additions: the small informative board to stick on the washing machine. In one moment, I can check the meaning of any error, that’s a relief as the manual is generally stored elsewhere. Another nice addition is the Wi-Fi capability to survey the progress from my phone, or to start a laundry when I am going home so that it can be ready when I arrive. Overall, I am really happy about this model.

    Makes washing a pleasure, not a chore

    Who would have thought the solution to breaking free from the bind of the wash and dry routine would be replacing a standalone washer and heat-pump dryer with a single machine you simply set and forget. Not only that its faster, quieter and has freed up so much space in our small cottage. To get a little extra out of this machine, you should connect it to your home Wi-Fi. This took a couple of attempts to figure out, but what better way to get the techie in your household interested in the washing machine! The LG ThinkQ app can be used to configure, start and monitor the progress of your wash and also review energy consumption of previous wash cycles. There are 7 specific day-to-day cycles, these use an AI system to analyse the load to help reduce energy and noise. They can be modified for temperature and spin speed and also set to dry your clothes. If you forget a sock, the load can be paused to allow you to add to the wash even after it has started. There are a number of other options such as wool and delicate programmes without drying or our favourite the simple “set and forget” wash and dry cycle. It really is astonishing how quietly this machine manages to perform its wash and spin cycle so much so we hardly notice it running, well this with one exception the water fill in comparison seems loud. The dry cycle is super quiet, and did I mention you no longer need to hump clothes from one machine to another. At the end of the cycle, the machine sings you a little song and sends you an alert via the app. A typical 6kg cotton load washed at 40 and set to cupboard dry takes around three and a half hours from start to finish. Compared to our previous tumble dryer, shirts and jeans do not seem more creased and are noticeably dryer, cupboard dry now means cupboard dry. The only criticism being the cycle does seem to remove any smell from your fabric conditioner. In conclusion, I would compare switching to this LG washer dryer a little like changing from a manual to automatic car. It makes you a little nervous at first, but once you make the change, you ask yourself why you didn’t do it years ago!