Customer Reviews — LG V7 9Kg / 6Kg Washer Dryer - White - E Rated

Customer Reviews — LG V7 9Kg / 6Kg Washer Dryer - White - E Rated

LG V7 FWV796WTSE Wifi Connected 9Kg / 6Kg Washer Dryer with 1400 rpm - White - E Rated
Save £220
Was £799
  • 9kg wash, 6kg dry - great for medium-sized households
  • Sensors analyse fabrics and adjust settings to match
  • Automatically adjusts settings to take care of clothes
  • TurboWash™ reduces wash time, saving energy and water
  • Dimensions (cm) - H85 x W60 x D55
4.7 / 5

Does what it is supposed to do!

A normal load of laundry comes out clean, soft, and completely dry in around 3hrs. Never had a washer dryer before to compare it to but that is fantastic compared to hanging laundry all around the flat for days!! Much quieter than the old washer. Have not tried all the programs or had any need for the wi-fi function yet but so far it seems easy to use. Smells slightly plasticky when drying but I think this will wear off. Installation instructions are easy to follow, tool you need and pipework included. Was a bit worried it wouldn't fit in the space in the kitchen as both are exactly 600mm but it just squeezed in.

Super dooper washer dryer

Really impressed with my LG Washer Dryer, it washes clothes incredibly fast and they come out clean and sweet smelling, not like my old machine that often left clothes with an underlying stale smell even though I would do boil washes and cleaning cycles. There’s a programme that you can download to increase the spin cycle and clothes come out almost dry without using the dryer, great for sheets and duvet covers. The machine weighs the load so you know it isn’t wasting time, energy or water. It is a really big drum and I can fit the bedding from 2 single beds into it with ease. I can get a family of 4s washing all done in a weekend when before it would take me all week! The dryer is effective too as I can use it on the bedding and put the dry bedding straight in the airing cupboard afterwards. The only downside with the machine is that the door opens on the left so not great for right handed people or kitchens with the washing machine on the right hand side by the wall but that’s the only niggle with it. I even love the little tune it plays when the wash is finished, it is really cute. Overall I am very satisfied with the washing machine and I recommend it to all my friends and family. I only wish we had bought one 10 years ago as I have had to put up with a very inefficient machine from another manufacturer that constantly broke down. I had 3 drums in it before I got my LG. My parents have always had an LG and they told me to get one before I bought my old machine. Don’t I wish I had listened to them originally! Don’t look elsewhere buy a super dooper washer from LG!
Helen English

Love at first wash

Ordering with AO was quick and easy with the option to choose the day that I wanted the washing machine delivered. I was pleased (well my husband was) that it was easy and quick to unpack and install meaning that I didn't fall behind with the laundry. I loved the look of this machine as soon as I saw it online, so modern and chic. I was over the moon to find that it looks even better in person. The unique appearance of the door is my favourite feature. I love that it is flat and tinted so the washing inside isn't visible and it feels so sturdy and well made. Unfortunately my 10 month old doesn't share my love for the door as he can no longer watch the washing go round. The machine also plays a funky tune to alert you when your load has finished. This is a feature that can be switched off but It never fails to make me smile so it is a feature that is here to stay in this house. As a busy mum of an 8 year old and a 10 month old, there are a few positive points that really stand out to me. The first is the impressive 10.5kg capacity, the drum is genuinely huge. Prior to owning this appliance, I had a never ending pile of laundry that I never seemed to get to the end of despite washing everyday (often more than one load). However the larger capacity means that after a week of using the LG have an empty washing basket. As a mum I am thrilled with how quiet this machine is, I barely know that it is on. I never dared to wash clothes overnight before as the noise used to wake the baby. Not anymore!! The other great feature for those with tiny people is the addition of a child lock meaning that my son can twiddle with the dial all he likes without changing the setting. I have had this machine for a week now and have managed to have a play with a lot, if not all of the settings. I was very impressed with the 'baby steam care' setting which managed to get out an old stain off my babies bedding that I had previously washed multiple times. The wool setting also washed all my son's hand knitted jumpers without any shrinkage. I find that I genuinely use the standard cotton setting but I would like to try the faster settings for a quicker wash and I am excited to try the drying setting too. I love how clean my clothes are and how fresh they smell. I didn't know it was possible to love an appliance this much.
Jemma Turton

Amazingly duiet & does an amazing job

First impressions are that this is a really modern looking machine. Further investigation shows that the build quality is great and the tech just adds to the wow factor (yes, it's possible to go 'wow' over a washer dryer!). Installation is easy if you know how to use a screwdriver and spanner - LG even include the spanner. The machine isn't as deep as my previous one which is great since it actually fits without sticking out into the kitchen. I can't help but be really enthusiastic about the machine. In use, this machine is super quiet. The only real noise you hear is when it fills with water and when the drain pump runs. It's unbelievably quiet during the wash and dry cycles. Even on a spin cycle, it's barely noticeable. I'm so happy after putting up with such a noisy machine in the past! The connectivity is great, I thought it might be a bit of a gimmick as manufacturers sometimes add it as it's the in thing but on this I think it's really worth it. Using the smartphone app, you can see how many cycles that have been run and how many before you should run a cleaning cycle. There's the ability to start and pause the machine from your phone, see the remaining time and you get notified when the cycle has finished. You can also download additional programs (the machine can only store 1 at a time though) however, I'm not sure why some programs exist, e.g. the built in "Cotton" has the same parameters as "Rainy Season" which is downloadable and the same wash time (admittedly on an empty drum). I've even set it up to re-order detergent when it gets low. In my opinion, the only downside is the drying capacity is less than the washing capacity. It's not too much of an issue as I tend to chuck a load of washing in and once it's done, take out the items that can't be tumble dried anyway but you would have to be mindful of this if you were using a combined wash and dry program.

Great machine for open plan living

I have used this machine for a little over 2 months to replace an older washer dryer. Due to having and open plan kitchen and living room noise was a concern for me. This machine is very quiet! During washing and drying I can watch tv without needed to pause or turn the sound up due to the noise. The spin cycle is quiet, as are the wash and dry programs. This machine has lots of great programs, and more you can download via the app for your phone. The steam refresh works great for shirts. The dryer noise surprised me, its so quiet I had to check it was working as all I could hear was a small hum, my old machine had a pump that would run all the time, and was horrible for open plan, but this machine is perfect. Basically if you are looking for a washer dryer thats quiet, easy to use with great programs and features, this is a great choice.

Earthquake-like shaking at high rpm

At high rpm (1000+) the machine shakes like crazy! It's like an earthquake in the entire house! First, we thought that it wasn't installed properly. After we confirmed proper installation, AO was kind enough to replace the unit with a new one assuming the unit to be faulty. The new unit still shakes a lot, leading me to the conclusion that it's just how this unit operates at high rpm. Wouldn't recommend it to buy it. Or only use at lower rpms.
U Borucu

Simply brilliant

Not had it long, but loving it so far. Simple, intuitive controls and easy to connect to Wi-Fi following the step-by-step instructions on the app. Best of all it is MUCH quieter than our previous machine. We always put our old machine’s excessive noise down to having slightly springy old floors, but the LG handles it brilliantly with minimal noise even on the fast spin. It even dries very welll taking just under 2 hrs to do all my bedding ready to go back on the bed. I just wish I had found it sooner!
Karen Robertson

Wash + dry programme works perfectly if you follow the instruction

No complaints so far. The washer dryer is very intelligent that it adjust the wash + dry programme time automatically by sensing how heavy is your clothes. The clue is not to put too many clothes than it supposed to work on, around 6kg consider the dry. Or else the programme will be lengthy, like 6.5 hours. But even so the clothes are still completely dry after the lengthy programme. I start the programme before I sleep so doesn't matter it takes 3 or 6 or longer hours anyway. By the way the machine is very quiet to my surprise. Even better as I tend to use it during night time.