Customer Reviews — LG American Fridge Freezer - Steel - F Rated

Customer Reviews — LG American Fridge Freezer - Steel - F Rated

LG GML844PZKV Wifi Connected American Fridge Freezer - Steel - F Rated
  • 428 litre capacity - holds 23 bags of food shopping
  • Frost free freezer - never manually defrost again
  • Keeps food fresh for longer no matter where it's stored
  • Get notifications to your phone if the door's left open
  • Narrow width - 84cm
4.9 / 5

How did I manage without you in my life.........

How did I manage before??? This fridge freezer is fabulous: it’s slightly lower in height than most, but don’t let that fool you, as there is so much space. The fridge part being at the top is so convenient as it we go to most and I can fit so much in without it loosing its coldness as in some fridges. The freezer being slit into 2 halves, both with 3 drawers in each, allows me to access my essential without having to check all the drawers and having it fall on my toes. I can’t find a negative thing to say, as it’s my new best friend!
Sue Massingham

Great fridge freezer

Our old American fridge freezer was an LG and we never had any problems with it. That’s why we went for and LG again. This fridge freezer has everything you would want, ice and water. Plenty of space and I really liked the fact the the whole of the top is the fridge and all the bottom half is the freezer
Tracy Whiffen

Fabulous fridge freezer

Fabulous fridge freezer, so much space inside for a slim American fridge, even a "lockdown, big shop" didn't fill it. Great lighting inside the fridge means you aren't left hunting for things at the back and easy glide pull out freezer drawers means you can find things quickly. Stainless steel but no finger marks, and we managed to plumb the water/ice dispenser in ourselves, with a little help from YouTube. It looks and feels like the quality you'd expect from LG, doesn't disappoint.

Really happy

Superb look, space is really well thought out. I love the fact the middle shelf fold in to allow bigger items to be positioned on the bottom shelf.

LG GML844PZKV American fridge freezer

No complaints impressed so far. Replacement for LG American fridge freezer which lasted 14 years.
Stephen C

Solidly built, stylish and functional fridge-freezer.

First impressions are that the fridge-freezer is solidly built. I was a little concerned that the fridge doors weren't quite aligned (right door was lower than the left one) but there are adjusters that allow this to be easily corrected. The appliance is a little louder than our old Samsung one that it replaces but still pretty quiet. After plugging it in and connecting to the water supply, the fridge and freezer were fully cooled after about 2 hours. The first ice-cubes started appearing after a few more hours and after 24 hours the ice-container (which holds way more ice than we'll ever need - probably around 100 cubes) was full. The option of having cubed or crushed ice is really nice and the dispenser works well. The chilled water has an ever so slight plastic tinge to it but I expect this will fade with a few weeks of use. I particularly like the generous shelves on the inside of the right hand fridge door. The ice-maker and water filter take up the space on the inside of the left hand fridge door but this is made up for by the deep shelves on the right hand door (still more shelf space than in our previous 60cm wide Samsung fridge). Another nice feature in the fridge is that a section of the second-lowest shelf on the right hand side slides out of the way to allow taller items to be stood on the bottom shelf. The two veg/fruit drawers at the bottom of the fridge are generously sized but don't come out as far as they should do in my opinion. This is a minor gripe though. The freezer compartment is very generous. The drawers slide out really effortlessly and have low fronts which make getting food out and putting it in really easy. I like the fact that both sides of the freezer are lit by an LED light when the doors are opened. The touch panel on the front of the fridge only illuminates when pressed (to show fridge and freezer temps) which is good and this is the first fridge-freezer we've owed where we can set the actual temperature (i.e. not just a number from 1 to 5 - you choose the number of degrees centigrade). We haven't used the wifi function and I doubt we ever will. Doesn't strike me as particularly useful. Overall, its a nice looking appliance and we are very pleased - particularly with the 10 year guarantee on the inverter.

Great size compromise

It's a compact American style fridge freezer so fitted where we needed it to, it's still mahooosive compared to a traditional fridge freezer. The plumbing for the water is easy enough but AO's guys won't do it unless you basically have it all ready for them The only downside is where to put drinks in the fridge, bottles and suchlike. They don't fit in the door and they don't fit under the main shelves in any configuration

Amazing product!

It is absolutely fantastic this fridge. Is compact which was ideal for our very limited space in the kitchen and has all the functions we wanted. The only thing it doesn’t have which it shows in the images and videos is the little door which you can open. This was a bit misleading but none the less it makes no difference and we are really happy. The service we received was exceptional.
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