Customer Reviews — Candy Grand'O Vita GVSH9A2DCEB 9Kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - Black - A++ Rated

Customer Reviews — Candy Grand'O Vita GVSH9A2DCEB 9Kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - Black - A++ Rated

Candy Grand'O Vita GVSH9A2DCEB 9Kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - Black - A++ Rated
  • 9kg drum capacity - great for medium-sized households
  • Really efficient A++ energy rating
  • Sensors work out the perfect drying time
  • Monitor & add new drying cycles from your smartphone
  • Dimensions (cm) - H85 x W59.5 x D61
4.4 / 5

What the hell

To be really honest how good it is I don't know yet as we have not worked out how to use it yet. We receive d it this morning and that's where the problems started. It supposed to have a pipe so that you can connect it to your sink outlet so you don't have to keep emptying it but it was missing. Then it really went to bits as you need degrees to understand the instructions as the wording is worse than mine. Then to work out how to use It you need degrees in laundry and electronics. Trying to work the tempature so you don't shrink or burn your cloths is that bad we still don't know on that one. It is so bad we have washed an old set of bedding so we can try to work it out that way if we damage it we can at least got something to replace it for now and then send this dryer back.

Sexy black dryer

It dries close evenly and quickly, I love that my clothes aren't a crumpled hot mess when I take them out. The water is so easy to empty. Would defo recommend

Excellent Service

drys quickly and fairly quiet. Really good product, would recommend to anyone
A Pallett

Quieter than expected and so efficient! 10/10

So the previous tumble dryer we had was a standard condenser one, and we found it to be very loud. But that didn't seem abnormal in comparison to other tumble dryers at the time. Now that we have this new tumble dryer, it is very surprising to hear how quiet it is. Very impressed with that. Also because this new one is a heat pump, we find that it is not spilling out damp hot air around the house.instead it is keeping the hot air inside to dry the clothes more efficiently. I can immediately see the results on power efficiency and in turn I can see the results of it being so much cheaper to run. Very efficient. Can't fault the product at all.


This is a superb dryer. The technology they now utilise is very economical, We have an energy monitor and hardly moves during the drying cycle. I can see this product paying for itself in no time. Would recommend, great price compared with other makes and models and is easy to use. The water container that sits on the door is of minor concern for weight bearing purposes so we never leave to completely fill.
David Surman

Good tumble dryer

First time I have had a condenser dryer, dries well. Only real complaint is it is quite noisy. The black plastic facia is not as good a quality as my other appliances.

Tricky to connect

The water drain connection is not adequately supported in the UK and therefore difficult to find parts to connect directly to a sink trap appliance connection. A kit for this would be useful as I had to visit an industrial hose and fittings supplier to get the parts to make the connection possible. The machine seems ok but only used a few times so far
R Jeanes

Operational and decorational!

My new tumble dryer is great! It looks stylish and modern, it drys everything got very effectively and how the programme describes and it is so easy to empty and clean. My 1 year old loves watching the water in the door! I would highly recommend this product! Great value for money!
Toni Weir