Customer Reviews — Miele Electric Single Oven - Clean Steel - A+ Rated

Customer Reviews — Miele Electric Single Oven - Clean Steel - A+ Rated

Miele H2265-1B Built In Electric Single Oven - Clean Steel - A+ Rated
  • Large 76l multifunctional oven has lots of programmes
  • Oven heats up rapidly so there's no need to preheat
  • Precise temperature control for incredible results
  • Special liners absorb grease to make cleaning easier
  • Tested for the equivalent of 20 years' use
4.8 / 5

Good uncomplicated oven but with useful functions.

Good well constructed oven with 'Made in Germany' on the information plate. It is heavy and arrived strapped to a small pallet and was easy to fit but we have a gas hob and had to have the gas pipe slightly adjusted to accommodate this oven, the top of the oven does have a step in it at the back but not as much as our previous oven had. Because of it's fast heat up (it is really quick) and other higher current demands the oven requires a 16 Amp electrical supply so a dedicated circuit is needed and not a spur of the 13 Amp ring main circuit. The oven sadly only comes with one shelf and one roasting / grilling tray (but we did purchase another shelf on line). The interior is slightly larger than our previous oven and seems to be much more efficient when cooking, there are choices of top heating, bottom heating and fan assisted heating. It also has self cleaning liners to make life easier. My wife loves the simple controls; the clock / timer is the easiest to use that I have found on any oven - it's always when the clocks go forward or back that you discover this! As the oven heats up the rising temperature is displayed on the front panel until the selected temperature has been reached plus the internal fan will continue to run when the oven is cooling. The door is triple glazed and gets warm but not too hot so would be safer with young children around (when supervised). We have a few Miele appliances in our home and although sometimes can be a little pricey they are sturdy and pretty well made, so hopefully will last. We haven't had the oven very long but It's very well liked in our kitchen already.
David Stroud

all good!

Oven looks good, heats up really quick - so not even sure why they need the pre-heat function. Product info says it doesn't come with a grill pan but it has what they call a universal tray, a wire rack tray and a grilling/roasting it does come with a grill pan......oh and you can grill with the door open if you choose - they just warn that heat will come out and the control knobs may get hot - but that's the same for any oven. Also really straightforward and easy to use. Cant believe the difference a decent oven makes!

Not as good as expected

I was really excited about the oven but it's let down by a number of really annoying details. The actual heating / baking performance is fine but I expected a more user-friendly experience. The rails inside the oven that hold the racks are just terrible. Firstly, the rails feel flimsy and rattle. Secondly, moving trays in or out of the oven produces an insanely loud long screech every time that hurts my ears. I have never experienced this with any other oven. Further, standard sized trays don't fit, so you need to buy proprietary ones. Weirdly, my half sheet pan will fit onto the bottom rack but not the middle or top ones, so I don't think the guide rails are all the same size either. So, for the price, look for a different oven.

Very efficient

Oven went in the unit the old one came out of with no problem. Easy to get up and running. The boost function to get the oven up to heat quickly is great and overall uses less electricity than the old oven with no boost function. The strong fan means that some foods might need a slightly higher cooking temperature to change colour. Grill function very efficient without burning the food.

Impressive Oven

I bought the Miele H2265 based on very complimentary review and test results on the Which website. It comes 2nd in their Best Buy built in oven category, narrowly (2% points) behind a Bosch model that costs double this. We have been so impressed with the oven, from pizza to fresh bread, frozen pastries to casserole, everything has been cooked to perfection. The manual has many useful hints and even tells you which tray, shelf position and setting for every dish / bake imaginable! Very simple to use too, defaulting to the recommended temperature for each mode.

First time using AO but definitely will again and have no hesitation in recommending to friends and family. Brilliant service from start to finish and beyond. Prices are the best. So happy with the Meile appliance purchased. Thank you and very well done AO.

Excellent product ( meile single oven. Easy to use and capacity seems bigger than my previous Neff oven. Looks fab too.
Joyce Brown

Excellent Oven - recommended by Which? Magazine too.

Very pleased with my new oven so far, having previously always had gas cookers. The setting for getting the oven up to temperature very quickly is amazingly quick. Downsides? The main one is that Miele only provide one wire shelf (the other is a tray) - additional shelves are available from Miele, but the price will make your eyes bleed.....c'mon Miele, you can do better.... Alternatively, get a non-genuine spare off ebay for a fraction of the price. The only other thing to be aware of is you'll need a suitable Torx bit to fit the oven securing screws when installing it.
Brian Tulley


A couple of weeks in and this is a first-rate cooker so far. We were replacing an old cooker that was on its last legs so there are obvious improvements. Have used most of the settings so far and all good. The reason for 4 stars as opposed to 5 is that the cooker arrives with just one wire shelf, plus one roasting tray, so two cooking levels in all. But this is a cooker that will easily hold three, and you are probably going to need wire shelves far more often than the tray. I think for this price Miele should provide two shelves plus a tray. This might seem a minor niggle but a spare shelf from the Miele website costs £90! I managed to find the same shelf a lot cheaper on eBay but would have been more than a little miffed if I had had to pay one-fifth of the price of the cooker for an extra shelf. However, apart from that this is a neat item and performs well.
Scott Pack