Customer Reviews — Miele Electric Single Oven - Clean Steel - A+ Rated

Customer Reviews — Miele Electric Single Oven - Clean Steel - A+ Rated

Miele H2265-1B Built In Electric Single Oven - Clean Steel - A+ Rated
  • Large 76l multifunctional oven has lots of programmes
  • Oven heats up rapidly so there's no need to preheat
  • Precise temperature control for incredible results
  • Special liners absorb grease to make cleaning easier
  • Tested for the equivalent of 20 years' use
4.8 / 5

Excellent Oven - recommended by Which? Magazine too.

Very pleased with my new oven so far, having previously always had gas cookers. The setting for getting the oven up to temperature very quickly is amazingly quick. Downsides? The main one is that Miele only provide one wire shelf (the other is a tray) - additional shelves are available from Miele, but the price will make your eyes bleed.....c'mon Miele, you can do better.... Alternatively, get a non-genuine spare off ebay for a fraction of the price. The only other thing to be aware of is you'll need a suitable Torx bit to fit the oven securing screws when installing it.
Brian Tulley

Good oven

Happy overall with the build quality and functionality. Simple options and does the job.

One happy Miele customer

Simplicity of use and a wide range of cooking functions for us oldies who have been cooking for over fifty years. Some good things are like the timer which after the time finishes the clock starts clocking up, so if you are away from the kitchen and the timer goes off you have some idea of when the actual time when the alarm went off. The timer is nice and easy to set with a wide range of options. The oven temperature can be seen increasing until the set temp is reached, that's good. I cook sometimes twice a day and these small things do help. The cooling fan is not too noisy and does not run any longer than any other cooker. So some things I don't like having seconds on the timer would have been better to have a longer cook time while you could set the oven to cook for duration on the timer for start to finish,sometimes something that is going too cook longer it would be nice to set hours and minutes. The buzzer for oven temp gives one bleep when it gets to the set temp when you are working in kitchen, something with a longer bleep and maybe louder is best to notify you. Why have shelves marked out for 5 positions when the operating cooking positions for the recommended shelf position only goes to three. The function knob only protracts in oin the off position not like the temp knob. So having had the cooker for one week it has been used every day the roast turned out nice on the oven temp I used and normally I do not check my meat temp after fifty years you know when something is cooked but yes I did check the meat temp and was perfect. My home pizza turned out good, the toast which I always do under the grill was perfect, finally my cakes turned out good. I would recommend any serious cook to consider this cooker I am glad I did. Sorry my review is long but that's how a review should be done thank you for reading my comments

Fantastic oven

Fantastic it warms up really quickly compared to my last oven it was a Smeg which I wouldn’t buy again. Our new ovens cooks much more even and quicker. We know it was more money but worth every penny .
J hughes

Perfect cooking

Perfect results everytime and such an affordable price.

Good oven

Great appliance, and less expensive than other sellers. Arrived on time and with no fuss.

Happy new oven !

Love the look of it, it looks really good in my kitchen. Really efficient and speedy heating up means less time before it comes to temperature. I am very pleased with my choice.
Maureen Hall

Great oven, great price, great delivery

Excellent oven and a very easy purchase. Delivery went above and beyond. Will definitely use again.