Customer Reviews — Hive Hub

Customer Reviews — Hive Hub

Hive Hub - White
  • Smart hub - control your smart products remotely
  • Use the app to control all your devices on-the-go
  • Plugs directly into your router - for better connection
  • Super-easy set up so it'll start working straightaway
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty for peace of mind
4.7 / 5

Hive Hubs are Kind Of Annoying

I bought this hub because I just moved into a property with Hive heating, and wasn't able to use the hub left by the previous residents. This product cannot be used by anyone else once it's registered. Once it arrived it took me a while to get it to properly pair with the system. The simple instructions in the box didn't prepare me for the somewhat complex troubleshooting needed to fix the issues. Now that it's working, however, everything is great. I can control my heating from my phone, which is what I wanted.

disappointing Hive Hub

I upgraded to this new generation Hub because I wanted greater flexibility with my lights and heating. Heating functionality is great but there are failings in the light functions. You can't set up some schedule times slots and I was told this would be fixed later in the year when Hive upgrades. Also, setting the Hive up through the new Hub was a pain - I was on the phone for ages getting it to work. I expect better British Gas from a multi-million pound industry, taking my money for a poor product.
john e

Hive Hub from AO

So far so good but there was a lack of set up instructions with the product so I had to search online for guidance and even it wasnt so simple

Hive hub

Purchased Hive hub as replacement after moving to a new house that has Hive heating control, the item seems to be doing the job it is made for and is easy to setup.
Mr M

Great product once set up

It was a little difficult to set up but a great product
Charlotte Ennis

Not easy

the WiFi hub worked as it should out of the box, the problem is it's not just plug and play if you replace the original hub with a new one there is a step by step process you have to complete for hive to work ,once completed the hub work as it should .

Best current price for this!

Added to a pre-existing Hive set up and worked right away, no problems.
Tom D

Hard to set-up, but works well

Spent 2 hours trying to set this product up after moving into a house with existing Hive product, before finally finding a useful guide. Once set-up I have had no issues with the product.