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    Customer Reviews — Bosch Serie 8 Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A+ Rated

    Customer Reviews — Bosch Serie 8 Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A+ Rated

    Bosch Serie 8 HBG634BS1B Built In Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A+ Rated
    • Large 71l multifunctional oven has lots of programmes
    • Unique rotating fan cooks evenly across up to 4 shelves
    • Dedicated pizza function for a perfect crisp base
    • Special liners absorb grease to make cleaning easier
    • Dimensions (cm) H59.5 x W59.5 x D54.8 – Learn more
    4.9 / 5

    Not as great as the reviews make out.

    I've had the oven for 3 months and recently remembered the really high scores it got on this website. Those scores played a big part in my purchase so I though I'd leave a review. All in all, the oven seems to be performing decently. It's done some basic cooking or baking every day since I got it and there haven't been any bad results so far. The user interface is a little style of substance though. It looks great, but there's little need for the dial on the front. The normal up and down arrows you've been using on countless other models for decades work far better. I often like to use the timer on an oven and it takes longer than it should to set it. Minor grievance, but you have to scroll past '1 second, 2 seconds, 3,4,5' and so on. It does finally start incrementing in 5s, 15s, 1 minute increments, but it is a little annoying. Who sets a timer for '4 seconds'? It's just basic badly designed UX. I'm a full time graphic design & UI designer, so I feel like I have some understanding of these things. The wheel is also brushed metal (minor textured grooves). But the direction of the brushing is the same direction as you spin the dial. If you have slightly greasy fingers from doing an activity such as, say, cooking... you get slippage. Whoever designed the wheel should have had a quick look at how HiFi systems implement their knobs or the dials of a SLR camera. These design problems were solved years ago. The child lock - again, it's not a deal breaker and maybe I should have read through the manual before purchasing (who does that?). But it's pretty pointless. It doesn't lock the door and it doesn't lock out all the buttons from usage. It has a very specific usage. It locks only the 'touch sensitive' buttons when the oven is on and it locks the 'on/off' button when the oven is off. My kid loves switching the oven off when I'm out the room for who knows how long before I realise. Other little silly UI decisions: The main display tells you how long the oven's been on for as its main screen- even if you've set a timer. But who cares how long it's been on for unless you're doing some slow-cooking? One more: oh my lord, how many times I'm sitting eating my dinner and glance over to look at the time and all I see is "oven cooling down" on the main screen. The message stays on the screen for maybe an hour or 2 after cooking, which I suppose means it's probably got great insulation. I clearly need to pop a clock up on my wall. Ending on a high - It gets up to temperature insanely fast. No more - 'aw naaw I forgot to preheat the oven' when you want a quick frozen pizza. It gets up to 180 in about 6 minutes. If you use the ultra fast preheat button, it'll do it in about 4. It really will. Anyway, decent oven, does it's primary job of cooking very well, but has some niggly issues that are a bit bizarre.

    It's an oven.

    It's an oven. Only issue is the lack of a grilling rack, our previous Bosch oven came with a better grilling pan.

    Bosch Spaceship

    Very swish looking product, my children described it at first sight as a starship Once you get used do the dial its relatively easy to use

    Boch serie 8

    Great oven once you master the control knob, cooks so much better than our old one lots of options for different cooking styles only wished l had upgraded to the next model With pyrolytic function for cleaning but that doesn't take anything away from it would definitely recommend

    Bosch Oven

    Had it for two weeks thus far. Looks good and works well. As always one has to learn how to operate new gear. One only snag compared with my old AEG is the fact that there is no beep when the temperature gets up to the set level - one has to watch the dial, or maybe I am yet to discover how to set this up.

    Not the simplest to use

    Complex instruction manual is not easy to use and the controls are not intuitive. Mean in that you do not get a separate grid to use within grill pan. Quiet in operation.

    Bosch single oven

    Easy to install and use. Good self cleaning system and intuitive controls.

    Excellent oven overall

    This oven is 2nd highest in the which best oven for even heating, easy to use, excellent results. I agree with all of the cooking parts, and that is the point of an oven but there are so many functions that is is confusing. Once you get to grips with the controls it makes sense. Still need to work out the grill. I burnt cheese on toast and the burgers tried to start a fire. The door has to remain closed when working - that does not sit right with me but I can't blame the oven for that!