Customer Reviews — Hoover H-DISH 500 Standard Dishwasher - Graphite - E Rated

Customer Reviews — Hoover H-DISH 500 Standard Dishwasher - Graphite - E Rated

Hoover H-DISH 500 HF6E3DFA Wifi Connected Standard Dishwasher - Graphite - E Rated
  • 16 place settings - great for large households
  • 9 wash programmes to choose from
  • Cutlery basket keeps knives, forks and spoons organised
  • Dries efficiently with heat created during the wash
  • Dimensions (cm) - H85 x W60 x D60
4.5 / 5

Great in theory but app is useless

It washes brilliantly and has lots of space. All the bits inside to hold plates etc are movable for different size items. I didn’t understand why you’d need a WiFi enabled appliance but trying to set the program from the buttons is annoying. It doesn’t remember what you used last so always starts at 1 again and you have to cycle through to the desired wash program which is on a 5 character display so you have to wait for that to move across to read & make sure it’s the one you like. All this would be solved by the app which unfortunately can never find the dishwasher again after initial set up & can’t be registered on more than 1 device so most of the things which make it impressive are unusable. Great dishwasher. Terrible interface

Great alternative

Really pleased despite planning having another product but it didn’t work out with another retailer- fair play AO came up with a better alternative very pleased indeed and now happy I’m not spending my valuable home time at my sink
Catherine parry

Great Dishwasher

This is a fantastic dishwasher for the price, it looks good, can fit lots in and the trays can be configured to suit different loads. It was easy to install and connect to the WiFi, it gets dishes sparkling clean and it’s very quiet when running. The app is handy for selecting different cycles quickly. The only (very minor) negatives are that the cutlery tray seems quite small and doesn’t really fit anywhere properly, we have found we’ve had to make sure the weight is distributed evenly in it otherwise it can tip over when you pull the tray out to load the dishwasher between washes. Our glasses also don’t seem to fit in anywhere securely but that could just be down to the style of them and despite them not feeling secure, I’ve had no issues with them falling over during the cycle or not getting clean. Overall I’m really happy with my purchase

Cheap and cheerful

Cheap and cheerful dishwasher . Very light and easy to manoeuvre. Functions could be a little easier and the touch buttons a little less sensitive but for the price I can’t complain

Decent at washing but some design issues

We are reasonably happy with the dishwasher. It washes well but there is some room for improvement. The layout is a little, with strange angled holders and no easy place to put deep bowls. The buttons on the front are touch control and pressed easily by accident. Not a showstopper but the WiFi app didn't work until a recent update.
Nich Carter

Design overall needed

The design of the racks on this dishwasher are terrible,great if you want to load it up with plates but for bowls-breakfast dishes it’s awful,plus the space between the plate prongs is so small the plates more or less touch, Really hard to get the program set far too touch sensitive and complicated, I have had dishwashers for over 35yrs now and this as got to be the worst one I’ve ever bought
Lynn Allan

Good dishwasher, but maybe not so smart

Only used it twice so far, but seems a good product. Quite adaptable loading space & fairly quiet when running. The only problem problem we have encountered so far is failing to enable the smart capabilities due to the poor design of the app, hopefully an update at some point will resolve this.


Very sensitive buttons