Customer Reviews — Hotpoint Standard Dishwasher - White - F Rated

Customer Reviews — Hotpoint Standard Dishwasher - White - F Rated

Hotpoint HFC2B19UKN Standard Dishwasher - White - F Rated
  • 13 place settings - great for medium-sized households
  • Eco programme helps to saves energy, water and money
  • Cutlery basket keeps knives, forks and spoons organised
  • Dries efficiently with heat created during the wash
  • Dimensions (cm) - H85 x W60 x D59
4.3 / 5

Very pleased

Really like my new dishwasher it cleans dishes really well...We purchased it to replace our old one which had stopped working (which was a boch). We read the write up on this Hotpoint one and we are not in the lease disappointed, it is very good also it is quiet and comes with good instruction booklet. Thank you so. Brenda
Brenda Wright

Good all round product

Works really well. Very quiet. Would've liked a daily 45 minute program as 30 minutes doesn't always do enough. Tend to use the next program which takes almost two and a half hours. Like that it turns itself off when finished.

Disappointed with the very poor drying performance.

With the demise of our old Hotpoint Dishwasher we decided to replace it with another Hotpoint machine. Of the improvements made, movable top shelf is a very good one. Having said that, for us, this top shelf is very fiddly and seems to trying to satisfy too many things. Maybe in time we will find a use for all the bits on it! Main let-down was the very poor drying performance. Our old machine dried the finished wash far, far better. Found out a friend of ours had exactly the same thoughts when she used her new Hotpoint. Wish we had known before we bought ours. Would not recommend this model.

Badly designed dishwasher

It does look nice and it is quiet and it possibly is well made (I have not had the dishwasher long enough to comment on that aspect.). It does have an Eco option if you want to wait the extremely long time the cycle takes. Much better is the 30 minute quick wash! Looking at the practicality of using this device; • It was very easy to fit. The plumbing was easy to do and wiring was simply a case of plugging into a convenient mains socket. • The controls are easy to use and highly visible so that the state of a wash can be easily seen. • Filling the salt container was easy although it only contains a small amount and will need replenishing more quickly. • Filling with rinse aid was made difficult in that there is no indicator to show how much liquid is in. One has to wait for the liquid to overflow to know it is full and there is no gauge to tell how close the reservoir is to being empty. This is a design flaw. • As a dishwasher this is really not fit for purpose. Legally it will be fit for purpose in that it does wash dishes but it will take a great stretch of the imagination to fit in 13 place settings and some creative filling of the baskets. This is entirely due to poor design. The upper basket is 2-3 inches too low so that the washer blade beneath the basket catches on dinner plates placed in the lower basket. Any number of dinner plates after 6 cause the obstruction. The lower basket plate support prongs could be bent backwards to allow the washer blade to clear them but this should not be needed; it is a design flaw. The cutlery basket is much too small for a 13 place setting load. We retained the basket from our old dishwasher as it fitted the new one. This has a capacity for a 13 place setting. Large items such as saucepans, mixing bowls, woks, steamers, all of which fitted into our previous dishwashers, either will not fit or have to be washed singly or in pairs meaning the dishwasher is used almost empty. This is inefficient, costly and not good for saving energy resources. True these items can be washed by hand but that rather negates the point of having the dishwasher! The upper basket is poorly designed to take glasses and/or mugs. The space for them is 1 to 2 inches too narrow. It will, however, take quite large saucepans, which tends to offset the poor design overall. If large sauce pans are placed in the upper basket there is very little room then for glasses! Overall this was a bad buy. If you are tempted to get one, then for Heaven's sake go look at it in the flesh so to speak and measure it to see if it will be fit for your purpose. Do not just buy over the internet.
John Dale

Lovely dishwasher

Lovely dishwasher - quiet, large capacity! Ideal for our new house!

super clean and neat.

this dishwasher works superbly on all wash programs.with the adjustable top tray it accomodates all large pots and pans.the only negative item it does not have a built in drying cycle.the general look of the appliance is very modern and goes well with a open plan kitchen.
Mr Rainert

Happy Hotpoint ??

Replacement for 15 year old hotpoint and oh boy it's fantastic! Easy to use quiet and outstanding results.....would highly recommend ????
Wendy Mathieson

Very Pleased

Very pleased with the cleanliness of my dishes and cutlery after trying out all the wash cycles. Quiet operation. Adjustable height of top basket is very handy when washing bigger and taller items in the bottom basket.
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