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    Customer Reviews - NEFF N50 HLAWD23N0B Built In Microwave - Black

    Customer Reviews - NEFF N50 HLAWD23N0B Built In Microwave - Black

    NEFF N50 HLAWD23N0B Built In Microwave - Black
    • 20 litre capacity - great for small households
    • 800 Watt power output – for fast cooking
    • Automatic programmes take the guesswork out of cooking
    • Easy-to-use control panel with dial and touch screen
    • Dimensions (cm) H38.2 x W59.4 x D31.7 - Learn more
    4.8 / 5

    Tiny interior

    You won’t fit a dinner plate in that thing
    Regretful buyer

    Does the job, looks great but frustrating to use for simple tasks

    This microwave does the job and fits in with my neff n50 ovens. The door opening is pretty cool. My main frustration with it is the dial takes so long to get to one minute as it counts up in seconds. My old microwave went up in larger increments so was much quicker. It also is annoying that the start button doesn't do an auto 30seconds or a minute. A large portion of the buttons is taken up by choosing the power level....but who realistically uses lower power levels unless you are defrosting something? This could have been 1 button not 6! I haven't tried the programs but again, who really uses programs especially when you have to read the manual to know what each one does (my old micro had them listed inside the door). I'm trying out using the memory option to get me up to 1 minute faster then using the dial. The end beep is also annoying because it doesn't seem to stop beeping until you stop it yourself. I haven't used any other micro that does this. It's annoying when you need to leave the food to sit for a bit anyway so you don't need to remove it straight away and yet you still have to tend to the beeping! I think Neff weren't thinking about what users REALLY want and use but too busy trying to make us use fancy settings. If you don't need it to match your other appliances I would choose a more user orrientated microwave.

    Love my Neff Microwave

    Really like Neff products and they normally last really well (still using an under counter fridge bought over 25 years ago). Only 4* because this is the third microwave (of this exact) model we have bought over the last eight/nine years. They last about 4 years before they die. It could be because it is used several times a day and I am not sure how careful my family are with it.

    Great integrated microwave oven

    Lovely looks and touch controls, easy to operate. Installation was straightforward once the instructions were understood. Unfortunately no YouTube video for this particular model installation. The inside is somewhat smaller than expected but sufficient for a family of 2-4. Has given an error that suggested the door closure has a possible fault-however this has not happened again so it may just be a glitch. Other than that its working great.
    Balaji Dorani

    Magic microwave.

    Delighted with this microwave. Bought it with the similarly styled NEFF single oven and they look great together. Haven't used all the programmes yet but it is great for defrosting and warming soup and porridge.

    Let down by poor installation manual

    Reasonable quality for the price, but its functions are VERY basic. I purchased this to replace a Bosch that my in-laws had had for over 20 years...and which had only recently developed a fault to the door latch control and Start button. The major criticism I have is around the documentation. It is largely multi-lingual...in the form of pictures...but it is not clear that you don't ahve to replace any parts, or add any additional ones if you are building it into an existing unit. There is also a rather convaluted "spacer" setup which is dependent upon the width of the cupboard walls. Even with the correct spacer combination selected there was a fair degree of lateral movement before screwing it into position...so I put additional spacers in to stop that. The pictures in the manual were not at all clear...but I managed - relatively quickly - to get the microwave in-situ. I would very much doubt it will las6t 20 years like its predecessor...but only time will tell!
    Andrew Brooks

    Looks great

    Works well all as expected, looks good stacked with Neff oven. There is a way to stop the microwave from displaying a clock which we really liked as it looked silly having a clock on the microwave and oven stacked on top of each other.


    I had to replace my NEFF microwave with what is on the market today - matched up very nicely and looks good. Relatively easy to fix in the existing space within the kitchen unit but the instructions could be clearer as they are not necessarily intuitive! What could have been an one hour job turned into more. However, all in all a nice looking unit although the inside space is not as big as the previous model but would only be an issue on rare occasions.