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    Customer Reviews — Bosch HMT75G451B 17 Litre Microwave With Grill - Stainless Steel

    Customer Reviews — Bosch HMT75G451B 17 Litre Microwave With Grill - Stainless Steel

    Bosch HMT75G451B 17 Litre Microwave With Grill - Stainless Steel
    • 17 litre capacity - great for small households
    • Automatic programmes take the guesswork out of cooking
    • Defrosts food according to weight for great results
    • Grill function is perfect for quick snacks
    • Save your favourite settings for easy access
    4.8 / 5

    I recommend

    I have been using this microwave for about 3 weeks. This is small microwave, but there is enough place to put my dinner plate inside. I am very glad with it. It is easy to use. It looks and work perfectly. One thing that could be better to use: the doors. There is quite hard to push button to open the doors. Now I used to opening it. Generally I recommend.

    Shame about the door

    I was looking for a microwave with a stainless steel interior. After removing the obvious protection, and the white tape keeping parts from damage, I noticed the film covering the inside of the door looked slightly loose. I'm not sure whether this should have been peeled off. I have since tried to press the area down securely but each time I use the machine, the same small area separates again. Is this meant to stay on or not?

    Mew Washing machine

    Very good compared to our previous one. Looks very neat and fits in perfectly with the kitchen decor. Some programmes seem quite long but getting used to them and spins very well and very quite.

    Pretty good, a few minor annoyances

    All in all, it's a pretty good microwave. It's built really well, good packaging, smart-looking, red LED screen looks cool. Big enough and powerful enough for our needs. Good price (bought on offer). There are a couple of minor usability issues that mean 4* instead of 5*: - no 'quick start' feature, so you have a minimum of 2 different buttons to press before it gets going (usually 2 buttons and a dial turn). We miss this feature from our old microwave. - Dial use is a bit awkward. You have fine gradual control - by the second - for a while. Then it goes into larger increments. We have regular needs for 8 mins full power, or 15 seconds full power. Both of which take a lot of twiddling to get to. We often scoot past 8 mins, then have to wind back, because the increments change about 6 minutes. - only one custom memory. So we could save either 15 seconds, OR 8 minutes, but not both. - the button positions are awkward. The usual pattern you need to press are the power (bottom row), then adjust the time (dial- top row), then Start - in the middle row. It would have been better to have a continuous sequence from top to bottom or vice versa. - most trivially, the beep noise is really annoying. By default you get 30 beeps. You can change it to 3, but the gap between the beeps is just too long - it feels jaunty. In summary, it is really good for the money, but a couple of things have left us feeling satisfied, but not delighted.

    Great value for money

    Very good value and well made. Does all that it should

    Great All Stainless Steel Microwave

    We wanted an easy-to-use oven, with no complicated programmes, just simple to use push buttons. This one fitted all our criteria - it looks great, works well. It is small, but just the right size for us, and the grill is an added bonus. Build quality is to the usual high Bosch standard.


    Brilliant product so simple to use and fantastic delivery and price

    Looks much better IRL than on the photos

    Having spent months trying to decide on which microwave to get. Settling for a flatbed I was disappointed my space just accommodate one. So with space as an issue the next feature I really wanted was for the internal to be stainless steel. I overlooked this model because from the photos it looked like cheap silver finish not stainless steel. I reluctantly ordered it because I trust Bosch products. Anyway when it arrived I was delighted with the way it looked. It is finished in attractive brushed stainless steel. I thought the different power settings were not necessary because I have never had to change power settings on a microwave before. However I have found myself using the different setting to defrost than any other microwave I've had before. Also when reheating meat I've lowered the settings to keep the meat juicy but ensuring it's properly heated. The grill option which I've never had before is a bit odd because I tried it and didn't like the splatter all over my shiny new appliance. Loving it so far I just wish it was flatbed. But don't like the over the top beeping when it's finished.