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Customer Reviews — Dyson Home Cleaning Kit Vacuum Accessory

Customer Reviews — Dyson Home Cleaning Kit Vacuum Accessory

Dyson Home Cleaning Kit Vacuum Accessory
  • Only compatible with selected Dyson models
  • Special tool adjusts to clean hard-to-reach areas
  • Hard bristled brush easily removes ground-in dirt
  • Soft bristled brush picks up dust particles
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
4.7 / 5

looks good

think this will be very useful for doing the car and furniture, haven't needed it yet but the rest is all great!

It's a bit flimsy

It hoovers up well but the whole thing feels a bit flimsy, like the plastic us a bit bendy, it does clean up well though so I have kept it and it does also have the guarantee.

Well Presented but standard accessories

The whole kit is well presented in a lovely box. Up-top Tool - Good idea however the ability to rotate to suite needs causes brush to still rotate when set and using brush. Stubborn dirt brush - only effective on very recent stains such a mud off boots. Soft dusting brush - Great on blinds, both vertical and horizontal and on fragile ornaments.

Handy set of tools

This set of tools are very handy for your Dyson and can help get that dirt off. Useful if your Dyson doesn't come with many extra tools.


Very good product, an excellent addition to the vacuum

Handy Kit!

This is definitely a handy kit to have for any Dyson user. The soft dusting brush is a great tool to use for cleaning practically any surface with damaging it - no scratches! The stubborn dirt tool is a must have for removing dried in dirt on carpets! This is a good all round accessory kit to have.

Useful brush set

I use these with a handheld V6 and the soft (dusting) and harder (ground in dirt) brushes are very useful. The adjustable brush feels like it should be very useful but I prefer the simpler straight brushes. It does clean the top edges of cupboards well.

Good set of tools for a dust free home

This is probably one of the most useful tool kits for any Dyson owner who likes a dust free home as it includes the excellent long dusting brush which is the best accessory I've used to clean my Venetian blinds. The included adaptor needs to be used for models DC01 to DC18, but for models after that, the tools should be able to be fitted directly. I tried them with a DC35 handheld, DC40 upright and the latest Cinetic Big Ball cylinder and they all fitted fine. The Big Ball Cylinder uses a different fitting so I had to use the adaptor that was included with that machine. When using either dusting tool with a handheld model however, you really need to have the optional hose, but the stubborn dirt brush will fit directly with no problem. For me, the star accessory in this tool kit is the soft dusting brush which I have owned previously. It is the best tool of its type for cleaning my blinds, lampshades, pictures and flat surfaces. The brushes are very soft but they splay owtwards getting right into corners and edges and the velour pad on the underside of the nozzle prevents scratching delicate surfaces. The up top tool is a variation on the long dusting brush. It's basically a mini version but with a full range of motion enabling you to twist it into various positions to reach all sorts of awkward places. It is particularly useful for high level dusting when attached to the wand of your Dyson so you can clean the tops of your kitchen cabinets for example. I haven't found a need for the stubborn dirt tool yet, but with its stiff brushes I can imagine it would be good for removing dried on mud from carpets and car mats. It could also be used to raise the pile of your mats to enable the suction to penetrate the fibres better. All in all this is a very useful addition for your Dyson and it's a tool kit I highly recommend. I have taken one star off as the dusting tools aren't much use with a cordless model unless you have the optional hose.