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Customer Reviews — Hoover H-UPRIGHT 500 HU500GHM Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Customer Reviews — Hoover H-UPRIGHT 500 HU500GHM Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover H-UPRIGHT 500 HU500GHM Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Bagless cleaning - easy to empty and no bags to buy
  • Dusting brush is ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces
  • Cyclones separate air and dust for powerful cleaning
  • HEPA filters remove allergens from the air in your home
  • Tools stored on-board the vacuum for easy access
4.6 / 5

5 Star plus

I have had "Hoover" hoovers since the day I got married. That is 57 years. Just thought I would try the new model. It has lived up to my expectations. The hoover lives on I will never change to any other make it is called genuine satisfaction. 3 cheers for the hoover 500.

Hoover h upright 500 vacuum

Vacuum slightly fiddly to assemble but working very well now. Strange "loose" thin rubber strip keeps coming off bottom which needs investigating before use again. Very easy to empty and clearly very good suction judging by contents on emptying. Pleased over all

A little disappointed

Bought as a replacement for our recently deceased Hoover Hurricane 2000w, (sadly missed). Bought online as it was during lockdown, so no opportunity to visit a store and inspect it properly. Suction OK but found the whole thing a bit fiddly. One switch to turn on the power for the suction, a second switch activates/isolates the brush bar, and a third control is a slider over a small vent which increases or decreases the suction. Then we have the faffing about with the flexible suction hose. First it has to be disconnected from its storage port and released from its brackets, and then reconnected to the suction port before it can be used. (Was this machine designed by the inventor of the Swiss Army Knife?) Also, the telescopic crevice brush attachment collapses in again at the slightest pressure, and there is no height adjustment for different carpet piles. To cap it all, it has only been in use for a couple of weeks and already the toothed drive belt has lost some of its teeth which causes a considerable increase in volume. (In its favour it was quite quiet before then). Don't be put off by my comments because maybe its just me and I'm being a bit picky, but I'm afraid I will be looking for a more straightforward replacement when the shops open.

Effective product

Although a little heavy at first, the hoover is easy to manoeuvre and has good suction. The carpet feature is a wee bit noisey but for the price it’s great value. Would def recommend.

Great vacuum cleaner

Very pleased with this vacuum cleaner. Lightweight, straightforward to use, long cable. Good on hard floors and has brought our carpets back to life!

Great Product

Always been a fan of upright Hoovers. I find the new model so much lighter and easier to manoeuvre - a bonus as I get older. Great attachments, well thought out fitting and long cord length to save unplugging every time you move room. Good suction, and much prefer the on / off switch in it's new position rather than having to use my foot.

Replacement Required

Have had a number of Hoover's in the past and have liked their price and construction. On this occasion we noted the E.U. regs had reduced the power output and were concerned the newer models may be of poorer suction. This 700 watt model has been fine though. Suction is fine, some of the plastic feels lightweight, but am sure it will be very serviceable over time. The price wad reasonable and delivery excellent. Thanks so far Hoover.


lightweight and easy to move. Perfect length cable and extra hose for high places.
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