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    Customer Reviews - Haier i-Pro Series 5 8Kg / 5Kg Washer Dryer - Anthracite - D Rated

    Customer Reviews - Haier i-Pro Series 5 8Kg / 5Kg Washer Dryer - Anthracite - D Rated

    Haier i-Pro Series 5 HWD80-B14959S8U1 8Kg / 5Kg Washer Dryer with 1400 rpm - Anthracite - D Rated
    • 8kg wash & 5kg dry load - great for medium households
    • Washing-Lens decodes symbols for the best cycle
    • I-Refresh tech dewrinkles & refreshes delicate fabrics
    • Super quiet model - great for open plan living
    • Dimensions (cm) - H85 x W60 x D53
    4.7 / 5

    Great product and good value.

    Replacing quite an old model but such a huge improvement, operates exceptionally quietly on both wash and dry cycles and results are great. Only minor criticism would be that some of the smart cycles take significantly longer than the initial display suggests that they will! (e.g. Eco mode suggests 2hrs 30 but in practice can take 4hrs+ depending on load size - so best to run that mode overnight).

    We love it

    So far so good, we love it! Very quiet and great size

    Quieter than a library.

    Very impressed so far, so much quieter than our old machine. Had to check it was on the first time I used it! Interface is fairly straightforward to use once you've got used to it. Not tried using the app, so can't comment on that. Not given five stars as I've not used all aspects of it yet, but what I have I would give 5/5.

    Neat little static machine

    Very neat machine - I hate when machines sit proud of worktops so this is great, hard to find one shallow enough online. I you are like I was toying between this and the larger machine the dimension on this one include the door unlike the other. Easy to use interface. Couple of points to note. My Dad installed mine and being the typical bloke he is didn't read the instructions - there are foam pads to stick onto the bottom of the machine to deaden the sound - alas I came home and he said 'I don't know what they are' - one to fix at a later date :( Another annoying thing is that the black door attracts dust and fluff like nothing I've ever know - the static is ridiculous. If you're a clean freak or have pets expect to be wiping the dust and hair from it daily - I've just got used to it now.

    Great appliance

    So far Im impressed and have no complaints, it’s easy to set-up and use. The only thing that could cause a stubble on setting up is switching broadband setting to 2.4Ghz to allow it to connect. This is a common issue with dual bands on broadband. The washing and drying cycles are efficient and flexible providing options to vary the pre-set cycle settings (spin speed, temperature etc).

    Very good purchase of a Haier washer/drier

    Good washer drier - quiet and efficient. Looks are good too, with the darkened door and interior light. So far no problems at all, so I’m very pleased. Great value for money.

    Love it

    Love it, the dryer part is not very energy efficient but I'm very satisfied with everything else.

    Terribly designed and at times impossible to use

    This was one of the unusable products I’ve come across. We both work in the tech industry and have lots of smart home devices, which have no problem using, but this machine is so badly designed that it’s unnecessarily difficult and at times impossible to use. 1) the touch screen interface is not intuitive or learnable. There is not enough feedback to tell you what is going on. We had to resort to using the app to set the programme. We have not been able to successfully use the machine interface at all. 2) connecting to the app is unnecessarily difficult every time you want to set the programme. You have to turn on the machine, and then wait at least 5 mins or more (varies) for the app to recognise that it’s online. Sometimes the machine turns itself off before you can connect. 3) the set of programmes available seem randomly put together with little thought. There are lots of choices and it’s not clear what the significant difference is between them. It tells you the specs of each cycle but how am I supposed to know what they are best for? The names are somewhat descriptive but it’s still not clear. There is a smart AI programme (only on the app) that seems to cover a lot of the needs so I just use that, but again I’m just guessing. 3) the user manual is not proof read and impossible to interpret correctly due to the vague language. 4) the washing seems to be a good standard but since I cannot understand how to use it or understand the manual I don’t know if I’m getting the best use out of it. Some obvious useful features are missing such as telling me the weight of the clothes I’ve put in, instead of making me weigh the load every time. And also I don’t know if the drying weight means wet or dry. Again an obvious thing to include in the instructions if any thought bit of thought was put into it. Overall probably the worst purchase of an appliance I’ve ever made. Avoid these “high tech, cool sounding” products that are actually arrogantly and poorly designed. Most people would think it’s their own fault because of the snazzy looking tech, which is such a shame.