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    Customer Reviews - NEFF N50 Built Under Electric Double Oven - Stainless Steel - A/B Rated

    Customer Reviews - NEFF N50 Built Under Electric Double Oven - Stainless Steel - A/B Rated

    NEFF N50 J1ACE2HN0B Built Under Electric Double Oven - Stainless Steel - A/B Rated
    • Main oven gives you lots of different ways to cook
    • Second electric oven has a handy grill setting
    • Shelves glide out so you can easily check food
    • Grease-proof enamel coating makes oven cleaning easy
    • Dimensions (cm) H71.7 x W59.4 x D55 – Learn more
    4.6 / 5

    Broken before it's even a year old

    I've had this oven less than a year and the heating element has gone...... utter rubbish and wont be fixed for a month. I would not recommend this oven at all.
    Simon Maidment

    Disappointing double oven

    Thermostat in main oven faulty from start, had to be replaced. Red temp indicator light goes off way before desired temp reached, it goes on and off 2 or 3 times before temp achieved. Timer beeper sound very quiet, you can only hear when standing next to oven (my hearing is acute). Cakes do not rise properly. Not a patch on previous Bosch oven, we thought we were getting an oven of similar quality considering the price.
    S. Cawley

    Double check before ordering

    the oven is so far very good. BUT I made a mistake. this oven is a lot smaller than the one it repaced even though the overal dimentions are the same as the neff oven it replaced. I did not realise there would be a difference on the internal sizes if the outside size was the same. I belive the models starting with a J are the ovens with smaller internal ovens. I think a better explanation on the decription somehow may have helped with my choice. As for the overal experiance from AO, this was esay and quick. the delivery driver and installation team though did let AO though.
    Theo Gavriel

    Too small. Good quality though

    Seems like a well made, quality product. The gripe is size of the two ovens. Both are smaller than my previous oven, which seems to me to be design flaw. It talks about cooking things on different shelves and the flavours staying safe, but there is only one shelf in the main oven! Problem solved eh? I doubt you could cook a chicken and a tin of roast potatoes at the same time in the main oven. Maybe if you cooked them in the same tin. Id guess this would suit a single person rather than a family of 4. I did compare to other ovens on AO, and it looked to be a decent size compared to others. The perils of ordering online. I would not have bought this oven if Id seen it in the showroom first.

    Good Built Under Double Oven

    I bought this oven as AO had a good price, and the item was given the highest Which Score for a built under double oven. Probably the only negatives so far, as already documented, is the main oven is quite small in terms of height, but I think this is a compromise if you want a double built under oven due to the typical max height of circa 720cm, and the timer alarm is very quiet and does not seem to be adjustable. It worked well for our Christmas lunch.
    M Lacey

    Good, couple of minor niggles.

    Pretty good, a shame that it wasn't shipped with the wire required for installation. The timer functions are a little confusing, but I think I've got my head around them now. Annoyingly, the timer functions only control the main oven, there's no option to do both, or switch.

    Well made

    The oven is very similar in design to my old siemens oven apart from the knobs don't push in leaving face flush, managed to fit 6.4kg Turkey in bottom oven. Although the timer could be louder.
    Amanda Potts

    Great double oven, could be bigger inside

    Great product! Fits perfectly in the space and has a cut out back which allows for the gas hob pipe to fit. (I wouldn’t have known this but the AO photos were clearer than any other retailer) Bottom oven slightly smaller than our previous one which may be problematic at Christmas. Not sure why there isn’t a grill pan included?!? Dials easy to understand and us. Heats up quickly and cooks food evenly. Great product!