Customer Reviews — KitchenAid KMQFX33910 33 Litre Combination Microwave Oven - Stainless Steel

Customer Reviews — KitchenAid KMQFX33910 33 Litre Combination Microwave Oven - Stainless Steel

KitchenAid KMQFX33910 33 Litre Combination Microwave Oven - Stainless Steel
  • 33 litre capacity - great for medium-sized households
  • Steam 2 separate meals at once without flavour transfer
  • Healthier frying option for crisp and moist food
  • Special dough proving function for perfect baking
  • Automatic programme makes it easy to keep clean
4.6 / 5

So let down by shoddy quality

The wheels that the turn table rides on simply come off. No surprise really. They are loose on and nothing, nothing whatsoever, is there to keep them in place. When what I presume is the magnetron cuts in on microwave it sounds as though someone has left a loose bag of spanners in the thing. Its not just noisy, it's loud and screechy noisy. I expect something to go bang any moment. Otherwise, a lovely bit of kit to use. Clear, large, prompting from the display walks you through any application you may wish to use, if you can trust to use it.
Jenni Brown

Not suitable for bread proving ...

... only proves for 1 hour max ... no temperature setting or check ... proving is on a button function whereby the turntable can’t be turned off so very restrictive on tray sizes ... proving “tins” must be MICROWAVE and oven proof, so basically you can only prove shaped bread in a basket or on a small round Pyrex glass type tray... A real chocolate teapot this one ... not for serious cooks as advertised - beware!


I love this oven in many ways and have given it a high review on this page. This is my negative review. However, if you use the forced air function as an oven, it is impossible to stop the oven to turn stuff over, without the oven falling back on its very slow preheat function. The is no way to avoid this.

Kitchen aid combi oven

Bought this after reading all the hype and watching video, but so far very disappointed as nothing has been cooked in the pre set menu times . When using as conventional oven if normally cooking on 180 you need to be on at least 200 and cook for a longer time, not impressed.

Lovely piece of equipment

Have had this a week or so, and in the most part it's brilliant to use. A couple of the programmes needed extra cooking time, but that's probably me getting use to it. 4 stars as it's expensive, big and heavy, but if you have the room I totally recommend it.

Solid Feeling Product

Strong and solid combo. Had a Belling before for 18 years. Was looking for something that could do everything and more. Saw this and read reviews which were a mix and match. I personally think it depends what you’re after. If you have a large family and need a backup plan this microwave is perfect. It takes time getting use to all the programmes and can be sensitive when the door handle is down, but what it does is excellent. Make sure you have enough space in the kitchen for this small appliance and prepare yourself for the weight of it. I’m still getting use to it but would definitely recommend this for a high spec small appliance.

Good looking

Good looking machine, have tried various different cooking methods, some items need less time than stated others need more so a little trial and error involved. Haven't used dough proving facility as yet so not sure how efficient this is. Overall it suits our needs. Worth reading the manual before use. End alarm rather loud but overall quieter than our old combi microwave oven

Well done KitchenAid on fab product!

Excellent product we are very pleased with all the functionalities for quick and tasty meals. My favorite functions are dual crisp, steamer and grill!