Customer Reviews — Lec L5511S.1 Fridge - Silver - F Rated

Customer Reviews — Lec L5511S.1 Fridge - Silver - F Rated

Lec L5511S.1 Fridge - Silver - F Rated
  • 133 Litre capacity - holds 7 bags of food shopping
  • Auto defrost - no need to manually defrost the fridge
  • Improved airflow keeps your food fresher for longer
  • Quiet performance - great for open plan living
  • Dimensions (cm) - H84.5 x W55.3 x D57.4
4.7 / 5

Very disappointed

Got setting on 1 and still got massive area of thick ice on the back. Turned it off to defrost, and it didn’t. Bought it because it said it was frost free...hate it.

Review refrigerator

Very basic refrigerator,but it was only the size found that would fit my under counter space after weeks of looking.
Malcolm Beesley

Unwanted ice crystals

Looks good but small melting ice crystals keep forming inside on the roof of the fridge and we cannot workout why.
Lyn Peatey

Nice looking fridge But....

Colour & size of product good. Main issue, ceiling of fridge freezes up about 2" in from the back wall, causing it to drip onto items inside, have adjusted thermostat for a week prior to purchase to no avail, is still present!.
Alison Bevan

Fine Looking fridge

Had this fridge a month but noticed to back of the fridge freezing up. Kept reducing the temperate but ice still there. Did not notice the whole extent of the problem until I emptied the fridge completely this morning to remove the ice, discovering it was over an inch thick. I have set the temperature to the lowest & will monitor it. There is frozen particles on the back of the fridge - about 7 hours since being defrosted. The light is quite bulky and does not light up the fridge sufficiently. The salad drawer is rather deep & I would have preferred to have another shelf. The look of the fridge is fine.
Dianne Amour

A fridge

Great fridge makes warm things cold and stops cold things from getting warm works on milk, salads and beer
Robert swift

It's a fridge that works

No complaints thus far. Looks pretty sleek, plenty of space, easy to install, nothing to write home about. Keeps food cold. Only removed one star because of brand name on the front, which to be fair, I could see when I bought it, but honestly who actually wants that on their fridge?
Bought some appliances

Does the job!

Very lightweight, gets cold, does the job well! Door plastic feels a little brittle perhaps?